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    Heyo, this one seems real simple.


    Moonlight Fantasy states that the targets HP and SP will be "randomly" changed. In reality, its simply supposed to increase their stats when they are even, and decrease them if they are odd. This aspect of the skill currently is not working, as there is no change in both Max and Current HP/SP. To reproduce, just try it. I did it on myself and someone in AND not in my party.





    From what I can tell, the values are dictated by this image.png.a766685b86ccdf0b8cea2749d846d92d.png

    Its the only thing I could find that gave actual numbers. The skill description itself is mirrored on divine pride although they do not have the chart above.


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    I just tested this and the skill works fine. The most probable reason why it "doesn't work" is because your current HP and SP values are even; which means that you're actually recovering your already full HP and SP.

    Edit: This skill works mostly on PVP

    I'd like to add something to this report though as it's a Kagerou/Oboro related bug: the skill Ominous Moonlight doesn't seem to counteract healing effects despite the gRO wiki stating that it should reverse healing effects instead.

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    Please note that we're currently not reviewing any skill reports.
    Since most skills have already faced either their removal, revamp, big or small changes and bug fixes.

    The big update is coming closer, once it has been released, we will consider skill reports again.

    Anything else would be a waste of time.

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