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    Not sure if I'm at the right subforum, but I would just like to report that at WBE Belphegor earlier, everyone who participated did not receive any rewards (we got the "not eligible to be rewarded" message). T_T

    Here's the only screenshot I have from what happened (see attached).

    Sorry for the late post (about 7+ hours late) x_x



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    Wasn't able to reproduce the issue. However it's a known problem that dealing too much damage could lead to a buffer overflow, as such you may end up not being eligible for a reward.

    Could you please share the full details of your gear set with us?

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    Found issues related to damagelog buff overflow. So if you've dealt too much damage, you were probably not rewarded (although we've had tried to fix that before with allow negative damage to be rewarded as well)
    Found issues related to damagelog only supporting up to 30 players. So if more than 30 players attended on damaging the monster, they weren't rewarded.

    Both issues have been fixed for the upcoming patch.
    Including other improvements on the chest system.


    Changed Status to Fixed

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