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    Crowbar Jones
    • Invalid Report

    • Description of Issue: 
      cannot enter this instance after ask NPC to open the gate to red flower .. dunno why ? is it bug or no ?
    • Expected Result:
      usually we can enter this instance if we do instance isle of bios first .
    • Official Information & Screenshots:
      here the screen shot about it , the memorial dungeon pass is open , but u cannot enter it .



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    Changed Status to Confirmed

    Looks like you're trying to re-enter the instance after exiting.
    The instance currently doesn't support that due to its complexity of a re-enter depending on progress state.

    Other than that, i wasn't able to find anything that would result in this issue.
    There are currently no plans to implement the re-enter feature for this particular instance.


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    same issue for me already done isle bios and never enter or exit from the dungeon..seem like npc think we already did it.hope u can fix this ty./thx




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    Changed Status to Invalid Report

    I checked it again and realised that you MUST talk to the Senior Tracker in order to get the quest cooldown resetted.
    If you don't talk to the Senior Tracker, you won't be able to enter.

    And keep in mind that re-entering is currently not possible.

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