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    Based on the description, it should add a flat bonus to attack. However, upon capturing a High Orc and hatching it, I noticed that the ATK Bonus wasn't flat, but rather a percentage.

    Without High Orc:

    With High Orc:

    The ATK Bonus at this lntimacy Level should only be a flat +10. However, the ATK was increased by +15 instead. I then attempted to equip a weapon to prove if the ATK Bonus was indeed a percentage instead of a flat value.

    With +10 Tempest [0] (no active High Orc pet):

    With +10 Tempest [0] (with active High Orc pet):

    With a weapon, instead of just adding +15 ATK (compared to being unarmed), it instead added +31 ATK. I have not gotten the High Orc above Shy yet so I'm not certain if the values will increase along with its intimacy level.


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    Haven't tested it on the live server, but it's working as intended on my current test build.
    I'm assuming it was an actual bug and it has now been fixed.
    There were lots of pet and status related bug fixes in this build, so i will tag this as fixed for the upcoming patch.

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