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  • Edda Half Moon

    • Fixed

    • Description of Issue:  missing last npc after boss fight to get reward for boss fight  and expi for old doll
    • image.thumb.png.053e21dba3d7c915e85cfcaad8a94594.png
    • Expected Result:
    • If you did the quest on the Hard version, meaning if you are level 130 and above, you will get an extra fight.
      • Speak with the Pope and this time you will get to fight against a weaker version of Ktullanux.
      • The boss is fairly similar to Luwmin, he has better drops however.
    • Once the enemy is defeated, talk to the Pope. You will be rewarded with 2 25088.png Dream Fragment and some experience in exchange for the 25087.png Old Doll that you've possibly collected.
    • Exit the instance from the portal on the right.
    • Official Information & Screenshots:


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