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  • Certain cards not functioning with Minstrel skills

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    As the title suggests, there seem to be a few cards that I have tested that do not seem to work when put in combination with Minstrel skills.

    These cards are: Randgris Card, Mastersmith Card, and Lord of the Dead Card. 

    These were the only cards that I have recently tested on the Minstrel using the skills cg_arrowvulcan.gif Arrow Vulcan, ba_musicalstrike.gif Musical Strike, wm_reverberation.gif Reverberation, and wm_severe_rainstorm.gif Severe Rainstorm.


    The aforementioned cards have a common descriptor which is: "Chance to inflict X when dealing physical damage." (being an effect the card has e.g. Dispel, Silence, Curse, Weapon Break etc.). The skills that I have tested out all deal a form of physical damage with wm_reverberation.gif Reverberation the only one dealing a hybrid of Magic and Physical damage.

    I've also used a regular 4-slotted Composite Bow as well as a 3-slotted Burning Passion Guitar to test out wm_severe_rainstorm.gif Severe Rainstorm's viability with the said cards, to no avail. I'm also not quite sure whether the status effects are only triggered through auto-attacks as the Mastersmith Card seems to work fine with skills like Aimed Bolt, Full Buster, and Ground Drift. I'm not sure if it's a bug but, I'm just putting it out there.

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: Stormy Knight Card seems to work fine with all the skills for some reason and it has a similar descriptor to the previously mentioned cards. (It doesn't :( )

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    The thing about card descriptions is, that they're extremely simplified.
    There's usualy much more going on in the background, rather than just having a flat bonus adjustement on top of your dmg output.

    However what most players seems to struggle with is understanding the Renewal mechanics to its fullest.

    • Solid ATK Bonuses: Cards that give you a solid ATK increase "+X ATK" (like: Porcellio, Andre, etc.) along with equipment that gives you the same type of bonus (Bloody Shackled Ball, Pirate Dagger, etc.) only affect your weapon damage output, as eqATK.
    • Variable ATK Bonuses: Cards that give you a variable ATK increase "+X% ATK" (like: Skeleton Worker, Santa Poring, Drainliar, etc.) increase the damage of eqATK/wATK. It does not affect sATK.
    • Critical ATK Bonuses: Cards that give you a Critical ATK increase "7/10 Crit + 10% ATK" (like: Steamrider, Assaulter, etc.) along with The Paper, increase the damage of both sATK and eqATK/wATK, however, the bonus only applies when you land critical attacks. This bonus only affects regular attacks, it does not apply with skills.https://gatheringro.com/wiki/Renewal_Changes#Offense_and_Damage_Formulas

    All %add damage bonuses (against race, element, size, % atk bonus and so on) affect only equip atk.
    So, if you have 200status+50equip atk, then your +100% damage will only affect 50 atk.
    That equals 200+50*2=300 which results in ~20% damage.

    On the other hand, i'm not sure if the ranged attacks are playing a role here and if/or they're purely considered physical or not.
    Would require testing on official kRO servers, and i don't have access to an account with a leveled up minstrel character.

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    Absolute PEAK damage out of 50 tries using Arrow Vulcan
    Was ranging between 8-9k



    Then with Randgris Card, clearly adding damage ranging 9-10k:


    Musical Strike without Randgris (Peak):



    Musical Strik with randgris (Peak):
    Yet again cleary adds damage.



    Reverberation inflicts magic damage, not physical.


    Mastersmith card worked using Severe Rainstorm:


    I also did a test with Lord of the Death card.
    The only effect that can trigger for LOD is the coma one, because the other ones only work with short ranged attacks. And all skills are ranged.
    And the coma trigger effect is super low.
    I've tested it today by setting the card effect to 100%, and there you go, it's working.

    Everything is working as intended.

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