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  • Bubble Gum and HE bubble gum effect stack together

    Crowbar Jones
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    • Description of Issue: 
      When i tried to use bubble gum and HE bubble gum , the effect is same 100% drop rate but effect bubble gum dissappear and HE bubble gum effect take place and it should be 200% not 100% . Is it bug or normal ?
    • Expected Result:

    • Official Information & Screenshots:
      Bubble gum effect 100%
    • He bubble gum 200% 
    • It should be two effect , but i see just 1 effect , 
    • The effect become same description said 100% even use HE bubble gum
    • Bug or no ?





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    I've just tested HE Bubble gum without anything else, and it will always display the same 100% message despite its effect.
    Simply because it calls the same effect, but forwards different values.
    And each effect is bound to a state icon.


    While EFST_CASH_RECEIVEITEM, officialy says "doubled rate" also on KRO.

    We can't display a different message depending on which gum you use, we could only remove the 100% info and make it more generic.


    Also according to my tests they never stacked.

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