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  • Blacksmith Blessing's effect

    • Invalid Report

    • Description of Issue: 
      As per description: Refinement failure will not destroy or reduce equipment refine lvl. (Upper headger +8 lowered down to +6)
    • Expected Result:
      Upgrade failure = no reduction on equipment refine lvl
    • Official Information & Screenshots:


    InkedscreenGatheringRO181_LI (2).jpg


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    Please fill out the full bug report.
    We're lacking the process on how to reproduce.

    Based on recent tests, it's saving items as intended.
    So I'm not sure how you've come to this conclusion.

    Changed Status to Needs More Info

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    As per first screenshot, you can see me unequip +8 Headgear. However, at the end of refinement process it went down to +6 even with use of Blacksmith's Blessings ( I have used both Enriched and HD Elunium with BB's).

    BB's effect is avoid item being destroyed / reduce refinement level, isn't? or the other catalyst (enriched/hd elu)  overwrites the effect?

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    The Bug report is still lacking the "How To Reproduce" section.
    The screenshots do not show the process at all.

    Please fill it out completly, so I can test and actualy reproduce the issue.

    In all my tests, the gear was neither destroyed nor downgraded when Blacksmith's Blessing has been used.
    As such i can't reproduce your claims.

    I will have to close the report if the report isn't filled properly.
    Thank you for your understanding.

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    I just wasted other 10 Blacksmith's Blessings to try and reproduce the bug, this time using Elunium as I've ran out of HD / Enriched Elunium. Regular Elunium seems to be working as intended as it didn't destroy nor downgrade my gear.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting something like this and I didn't document all the process from the start. However, as you can see in the first screenshot, I unequipped +8 Old Mitra to refine it, first by using x2 Enriched Elunium, both failed, then in the second screenshot, I took x4 HD Elunium from storage, 1 success, 3 fails hence downgrades. 

    Would it be possible to check log? 


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    We do not log every single action accounting for every single item.
    That would be an insane amount of data.

    We're logging very specific tasks accounting for a certain range of item types.

    I'm assuming that you simply did not re-select Blacksmith's Blessing after returning to the main interface.
    Or you didn't pick it in the first place.

    This report will now be closed.
    If you ever encounter the issue again, please try to remember the exact 1by1 steps, so we can reproduce it.

    For example:

    1. Double clicked equipment x
    2. Selected ore x
    3. Selected Blacksmith's Blessing (24 in inventory)
    4. Hit refine
    5. Consumed 4 Blacksmith's Blessing but lost refinement level

    Changed Status to Invalid Report

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    Confirmed = We were able to reproduce this report and are looking into possible solutions.

    Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next patch or maintenance.

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