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  • After Cast Delay Reduction Formula

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    • Description of Issue: 
      Poem of Bragi(Magic Strings) doesn't provide the full 30% after skill delay reduction when used with other after skill delay reduction gear/cards.
    • Expected Result:
      The skill should additively stack after skill delay when combined with other after skill delay reduction gears.

      I tested below with the skill Tarot Card of Fate which has a 3000 ms after skill delay. Reducing it with Poem of Bragi would bring it down to 2100 ms delay. The same would apply for a Kiel-D-01 card which reduces after skill delay by 30% as well. But when both are used at the same time, the resulting skill delay should be reduced to 1400ms but instead it was reduced to 1470ms. Adding further after skill delay would provide diminishing returns when used in tandem with Poem of Bragi. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it is working as intended.


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    Sorry it was supposed to be 1200ms assuming I had a 60% delay reduction with Kiel and Bragi up. I guess Bragi reduces only 30% of your final after skill delay reduction value?

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    A little update:
    We're currently not sure if this is a bug, or working as intended.
    The main culprit here is the item bonus used on Kiel card:


    And this bonus has been working like this since back in the eAthena days, over a decade ago on all RO emulators up to this date.

    It's either working as intended, or a really ancient bug that has been established as normal in the private ro server community.

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    We were able to confirm this based on official server data.
    So this was indeed an ancient bug that has been discussed in many private ro server forums for a very long time.

    This bug established itself to be the norm, as most players answered with "kiel is additive" while it should never have been.

    I'm happy to have this adressed in our next patch.
    Thank you Hangul for this historic last report in the private server space. :D

    Changed Status to Fixed

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