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  • Character Sit De-Sync

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    Hi, I don't know if this has been successfully reported but, I've been able to replicate the sit-bug with the help of @Mytranos.

    What is the "Sit-bug"?

    The "sit-bug" is when your character is on its attack stance but when in fact, your character is sitting.


    How does one get out of the bug?

    You have to use the /sit command twice. In some instances outside the controlled environment, I had to spam the /sit command a lot of times in order to free myself. Another way is to make your character flinch in order to reset the animation (i.e. take damage).


    • You can't cast any spells while this bug is in effect because despite looking like you're standing, you can't cast any spells because you're actually sitting down.
    • Weirdly, you can still auto-attack someone while in this state. Melee attackers will only be able to attack those who come within range but will not be able to move from place.
    • Casting sr_windmill.gif Wind Mill or lg_moonslasher.gif Moon Slasher on someone affected by the "sit-bug" will cause them to sit again (in actual sitting animation) which can be very confusing.
    • I believe that the "sit-bug" may occur at anytime so long as a skill that forces you to sit down is cast on a player that is flinching from damage.
    • Multi-hit skills trigger this bug often when coupled with force-sit skills.



    Sit-bug Replication (Kaza's Perspective).rrf

    Sit-Bug Replication (Cressenda Perspective).rrf

    Sit-bug Replication 1st Perspective.rrf

    Sit-bug replicatoin 2nd perspective.rrf



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    Due to missing skill statements, it's impossible for the client to display the true sit status.
    Which means a client can never be certain if the player is currently in a sitting or standing position, it simply reacts to the triggers that are being sent from the server. As such, it's inconsistent by nature.

    The issue can be tracked here:

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