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Weekend Dungeon

By Everade
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Category: Patch Notes


A new dungeon created by an unidentified group, for gatherings who love spending fun weekends. There are no treasures, but this weekend memorial is full of rare high experience monsters.

Walkthrough Guide and more details can be found in our wiki entry.


    Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Item bonus bDelayRate will now stack with other delay reduction bonuses. Also fixes the aftercast delay of skills so that status and item bonuses properly stack before calculating the final result. [Bug Report#100]
    This means Kiel-D-01 effect now stacks!
  • Resolves the cardfix ratio getting applied twice in renewal. This fixes inconsistencies with several gear resist bonuses.
  • Fixed bAutoSpellOnSkill item bonuses casting incorrect skill levels.
  • Fixed bWeaponAtkRate item bonuses not stacking properly.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies related to drop rate bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a character from changing his/her gender properly.
  • Fixed issues related to NPCs not being able to walk anymore.
  • Fixed multiple autobonuses on the same equipment blocking each other once one of them had been triggered.
  • Added an important weight check on a quest of the Episode 13.2 quest line.
  • Fixed an issue with RODEX's retrieve all. Sometimes players would not be able to retrieve their items anymore.
  • Fixed some skills in skill tree to disappear during certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the quest system regarding invalid monster spawn timers.
  • Fixed Para Market selling a wrong item.
  • Fixed Edda Half Moon in the Daylight issue that prevented players from finishing the instance [Bug Report#120]
  • Server stability improvements.


    Skill Updates

  • Corrected Mystical Amplification should not have the IgnoreStatus CastTime flag.
  • Foresight will only apply a cast reduction to learned skills, not those that are granted through item bonuses guild skills, pets, etc.
  • Fire Pillar now properly checks for Blue Gemstones.
  • Cleaned up the skill unit group storage. This fixes some inconsistencies with skill limits like Meteor.
  • Fixed Grimtooth not causing SC_QUAGMIRE status to monsters.
  • Fixed Warp Portal not triggering after using it twice in a row.
  • Fixed the Poison Weapon effects not applying on enemies while standing inside Poisonous Smoke. [Bug Report#109]
    Known Bug: Venom Bleed debuff is currently applied for 5 minutes instead of 15 seconds.


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