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Vote Shop EOL

By Everade
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That's right, we're shutting down our vote shop system by the end of this month!
Everyone who's got some points left, should go on a shopping tour before your vote points will vanish by the 30th of June.
You can still access it for now by visiting: https://gatheringro.com/vote

The Reasons
We Hate Daily Voting!

Let's be honest: No one likes to vote, it's a chore. Some people feel forced to do so, because you miss out on rewards.
And having certain quest items bound to a vote shop system, only makes it worse.

Bad Results
Our website statistics clearly show: top sites don't bring any new players...
When we ask you to help us by writing a short review, it's because:
All top sites combined, bring less monthly visitors than a single player review, which result in over 50% of total new monthly visitors!
Pro Tip: Instead of wasting minutes with voting every day, write a single 5 minute review instead, which supports us for months to come.
It really helps!

Shady Business Strategies
Smaller servers don't ever get a chance because they're being overshadowed by the big guys.
The main way to get ranked higher: Purchase fake votes.
You either pay a monthly subscription, purchase votes directly or compete in actual auctions to keep your site as high as possible.
This is not just extremely expensive as you pay per page, but also creates absolutely unrealistic results for top site visitors.
To put it simple: Top Sites ratings do not reflect a good server, they reflect forced votes, and who's spending the most money.

Toxic Backlinks
Search engines like google and co. run very complex algorithms to determine the best possible search results.
These algorithms also rate websites worse, based on toxic backlinks, which are links that are being posted via paid services or things like these top sites. Getting our website removed from these pages will ultimately improve organic search engine results (real visitors finding us through search engines).

Lacking Updates
Oh boy, isn't it boring? The vote shop basicaly faced its end of life when we stopped with seasonal content rotations, what a shame...
While it helped us to focus on ingame content, the shop did no longer fullfill basic expectations of our player base.

The Day After
Don't you worry about our fellow member of the GatheringRO Corp!
The Vote Prize Redeemer will continue to serve you with rewards, just in a different way:
After the 30th of June, our gRO Token merchants will recieve an update to include vote shop items that are being moved over, so you have a new way to redeem your precious consumables and tools!

So make sure you use all your vote points, before they're gone! Vote Points can no longer be accessed after the 30th of June.

All these reasons combined lead to a very simple conclusion.
Let's say goodbye to top sites, so we can spend more time playing the game.

Let us celebrate its upcoming demise! ~<3

What's New?
Our website and forum has been getting some love lately, which both now return clean URLs. Here's an example:
Old Address: https://www.gatheringro.com/index.phpaccount&action=view
New Address: https://gatheringro.com/account/view/

It's not just user friendly, it also helps for better search engine ratings, which is a great plus.
There were are also plenty of content updates on several web, wiki and forum guide pages. Information is power!

What's Next?
1.) As usual, bug fixes and smaller changes are on the horizon, which are based on your reports. Thank you <3
2.) You told us in our last survey that it sucks, and we listened. A brand new patcher is coming! It is a reliable, field tested system, that improves your experience with brand new visuals and the removal of manually patching official updates!
3.) We're currently also working on a big update, which still requires lots of work and testing to get it done right. This one will bring a vast amount of changes, big and small!

Stay tuned, safe, and connected:
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