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    PvP Tests

With our recent Major Update, survivability in all PvP environments have become a real challenge.
Based on player feedback, we're currently testing some balancing changes in both War of Emperium and Battlegrounds.

  • Healing Consumable restrictions in War of Emperium and Battlegrounds environments have been lifted.
    Just like in the original WoE experience, you can now use healing pots.
  • We've adjusted the WoE and BG damage modifiers.
    Short and Long Attack damage are now reduced to 60% (prior 80%) of your total damage.
    Weapon, Magic and Misc Skill attacks are now reduced to 40% (prior 60%) of your total damage.
    This is an additional damage reduction of 20%.
  • We've lifted our custom restriction on the Old Headgear series for all PvP related content which was missed out during the Major Update.
  • Abracadabra restriction has been lifted on GvG maps (WoE).
  • The WoE Reward system recieved first balancing changes. This should at least prevent the very low rewards we've had during our first WoE. We're still gathering more statistics to sum up for a final balancing update. Especially during these balance test phases.

These are experimental changes to mainly increase the survivability aspect of PvP, and may be further adjusted.
Please note that PvP Arenas do not offer global modifiers, as such they're not affected by these changes. PvP Arenas might recieve a follow-up update once we're happy with the WoE / BG balance.
We're keen hearing your feedback.


    PvE Tests

Just like with PvP, our PvE content like harder difficulty instances have become harder to survive.
To adapt to these changes, and to reflect the official experience, we've made the following experimental adjustements.

  • Healing Consumable restrictions in instances and other special PvE areas have been lifted.
    Just like in the original PvE experience, you can now use healing pots.
  • Removed the skill Axe Tornado from Varulfur the world boss.

These are experimental changes to increase the survivability aspect of PvE, and may be further adjusted.
Please share your latest PvE experience with us.


    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the Episode 16.2 Quest line, which prevented the NPC Kronecker G. Heine from triggering the next quest part.
  • We've fixed some bugs in the Refiner User Interface.
    There were rare cases that you weren't able to continue refining because the interface was refering to the last used item.
  • Fixed Costume Magician Hat error. Thanks to [Bug Report #91]
  • Fixed several sprite errors and applied various client interface improvements.
  • We've restored all lost guild storage items, of guilds that have been reported to us.
    Thank you for your patience.


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