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OGH Overhaul

By Everade
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Category: Patch Notes

  Old Glast Heim - Normal & Hard Mode

This overhaul brings major changes to the reward experience for both normal and hard mode and changes the way you upgrade your temporal boots.
The release of hard mode brought a very unbalanced experience when it came to the rewards and upgrades, and this update shall rectify those problems.



  New Reward Mechanics

There are now 2 main reward sections in the dungeon that rewards every party member individualy.
This change highly increases the reward base-line for bigger parties and does no longer force you into solo power-farming.

a.) Corruption Root now rewards 20-40 Coagulated Spell or 20-30 Contaminated Magic per player.
b.) Amdarais now rewards 50-80 Coagulated Spell or 50-80 Contaminated Magic (slightly lower chances) per player.

Please note that on top of the guaranteed 50 drops, there are multiple bonus drop chance packages ranging from 75-10% to be more rewarding rather than being a flat, fully random 50-80.

That means each player has a guaranteed base-reward of at least 70 Coagulated Spell or Contaminated Magic respectively, by finishing the dungeon.
It is expected to easily reach >100 Coagulated Spell or Contaminated Magic per player with the current drop / reward chances, regardless of party size.


  Monster & Drop Rate Changes

* Monster drop rates have been highly reduced to a base of only 5-10% drop chance. Rather than being the main-reward in the instance, these now act as a bonus on top of the main reward sections mentioned above. Of course, these drop chances can be further enhanced by using consumable drop boosters.
* The excessive Temporal Crystal rewards have been reduced to 2 guaranteed drops per run, while having the chance to get an additional one from Amdarais. Hard Mode now has tripple the chance to drop an additional one, compared to Normal Mode.
Please note that since the release of the hard mode, the total amount of Temporal Crystals that can be farmed per day have already been more than doubled while the upgrade prices remain.
* Maggots do no longer drop Spells or Magic, which brings them more to their original purpose; avoid getting near bodies. This should also slightly speed up your time spent within the dungeon while keep being reward-efficient.
* Bodies which spawn Maggots do no longer respawn once they've been triggered.
* Additionaly to the random chance of the commander appearing, there's now also a hard-cap of 80 monsters that can be killed which will then ultimately spawn the commander in any case. This fixes the issue of getting stuck at this second stage, while also limiting the reward drops which before could have been exploited.
* Monsters will no longer respawn upon the commander has been spawned.
* The secret room rewards now drop one additional Coagulated Spell each.


  New Temporal Boots Enchant Process

* Upgrades from lvl 1-4 are now exclusively paid with Coagulated Spells.
   This brings back their old value in the overall enchanting process. The costs remain the same.

* The second enchant is now exclusively paid with 400 Contaminated Magic.
   While this price has been increased, Contaminated Magic are no longer required for the rest of the echanting process.
   Their main purpose is now for either slotting your boots, getting the second enchant or buying cards.

* You can now choose the currency to slot your boots.
a.) LOW chance - 50 Choagulated Spells (lower chance compared to pre-update)
b.) MEDIUM chance - 50 Contaminated Magic (same chance compared to pre-update)
c.) HIGH chance - 5 Temporal Crystals (increased chance compared to pre-update)

Checkout our updated Temporal Boots Enchants Wiki entry for full details.
It now also features a Flowchart to see the entire Upgrade/Enchant process.




  Misc. Updates

* Reduced the high flee rate of Morocc Necromancer and Naght Seiger.
* Fixed an issue with World Boss Chests that in rare cases resulted in players not recieving a reward due to a redundant damage check.


  Cash Shop

* Our Limited Time section now features Deluxe and VIP Consumables with a -20% price reduction for a limited time!


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