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By Everade
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    New Design

Our web design has seen drastic change over the past few weeks.

The landing page is cleaner than ever before, inviting new players into the world of midgard and beyond!
While old design was overloaded with small portions of information, the new design allows your eyes to rest and sink into information while scrolling down.

We now have the opportunity to showcase news, features, classes and screenshots right at the front page with a dynamic, responsive design.



    Mobile Friendly

We're happy to announce that our website is now fully mobile friendly!
This is an important part of every website that seeks visitors, as google & co rates website search ranking based on mobile friendliness more than ever before.

The only part of our website that was mobile friendly up this date, was our forums.
The main website and also our wiki, was in most cases a burden to navigate on your smartphone or tablets.

Our website will now properly scale and adapt its content to your screen size, on every page, at any given time.
It also features proper touch-gestures for you to navigate through.

Large database tables will no longer scale down until it fits your screen, instead you can scroll through information using touch-gestures.
As such, you will never have to zoom-in to be able to read tiny text ever again.

While some of our pages still require additional touches, we're happy to offer you the full experience also on mobile devices!

Mobile Friendly - Main Pages   mobileFriendly2.png   mobileFriendly3.png



While the main functionality of our website didn't change much, it still comes with several smaller improvements.

Character Overview
Our landing page now shows all your characters in a touch-friendly slider.
It's a very convenient feature as it allows you to get a compressed overview of all your ingame characters, including gear and costume information.

Simply login, and you're ready to go!


Sub Menu
Sub Menus are now displayed as actual buttons, instead of simple text links. This increases their visibility and makes it easier to navigate through pages. The currently selected page is now also highlighted as such.


Login Mask
Our login masks have been impproved, so password manager plugins have an easier time to properly detect the forms.
That means that browser plugins for password managers like Last Pass, Dash Lane and co can fill the login forms instantly.

Just like on our patcher, our website latest news section now feature eye-candied news slider instead of just a plain text link.

Since our website main content width has been increased, this also allows us to display more table information at once.
That means that certain database tables will show additional rows that weren't accessible before.

Hundreds of other small improvements and tweaks have been made, and we will continue to improve on our web presentation.


    Security & Performance

Not just fancy new images have found their way into the website, especialy lots of code changes took place.

It has always been a high priority to GatheringRO to use the latest technologies that allows us to deliver fast and secure content.
With these latest updates we're doubling down on security and performance aspects of our website.

This includes control panel, wiki and forum updates, higher tls encryption standards, firewall improvements, improved paint time for javascript, increased caching times, higher and better image compression and much more!

We're still tweaking the new website to its best possible potential.



We're aware that the current state includes a few bugs here and there.
We will continue to work on the website for the upcoming weeks, and improve upon that.

In any case, we're happy to recieve bug reports anyways. Make sure to select the "Website Functionality" or "Website Information" category respectively when reporting website issues.

Thank you!


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