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New Patcher

By Everade
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    New Branding

The re-design of our patcher gave us a great opportunity to re-brand ourselfs.

Our new logo represents Skoll & Hati, the relentless pursuers of Mani & Sol (divinities of the moon and sun).
Also our font is inspired by the old norse signs, which brings us closer to the true experience that Ragnarok Online is all about.

For now, the new logo is only represented on our patcher. But we'll make sure to update other aspects of our representations as we step into the future.



    Patcher Design

A big welcome to all Cyanophobia people out there!
The cyan/blue times are over, as we step into a more grounded and darker era of norse mythology.

While the patcher has been slightly increased in size, we're also featuring a beautiful new art piece from caesty, a very talented artist!

It took multiple iterations and lots of polish to reach this release state.
We hope you enjoy the balance between functionality and design.





We put a lot of thought into the usability of the patcher, and believe that we improved in most aspects.

Even though the old patcher offered news with full text and images, it was all smushed into a small box that made it uncomfortable to read and navigate through. With this new approach, we deliver announcements with clear titles and a short summary instead.
The Announcements button at the bottom will then navigate you to the full news experience that we've just recently released.

You may also notice that all website links throughout the patcher will now always open in your default browser instead of Internet Explorer.

Yes, there are many new buttons all over the place!
Each one has its own purpose, and now navigates you to the most important places on our website and social media.

The buttons at the bottom right corner offer you the replay client, support and game settings.


Also don't miss out on the review button, because we rely on it more than ever!
Update your review every few months, and we can reach new stars! (How about right now?) /fsh

Official Updates
Did you notice? The ugly box button that says "Official Patches" went missing!
From now on, we package official patches up for you, and deliver them through our normal patch process.
This reduces official patches in frequency, and since we deliver them on demand, you only download content that's actualy required.
So sit back, relax, and focus on playing.


    New Architecture

That's right, this isn't just a simple re-skin of our existing system, there's an entire new architecture running behind the curtain.

The new patcher system is based on the official Ragnarok Online patcher, which means it's a proper, field tested solution that just works!
It gives us the reliability and stability a patcher must have, to deliver you a frictionless patching experience.

False Anti-Virus positives are a thing of the past, which also allows us to change the patcher in design or functionality at any given time.

Official Updates
As mentioned before on this convenience change, this also improves a lot from a technical standpoint.

The fact that we're now also delivering official patches directly, means that at any given time a player has the same client patch state just like us. This helps us immensely on fixing technical issues like missing sprites, etc.

At the same time, official patches can no longer interfere with our own. Several players experienced missing translations, simply because official patches were overwriting our customizations. Scribblish Achievement text was a great example that resulted out of that.

This can no longer happen!


    Patch Speed

Our old system delivered all data directly from the game server.
While our game server has very broad bandwith to offer a reliable and fast connection, it also uses lots of other ressources during patch-peaks which could possibly affect our game server's performance. To reduce impact on gameplay to a minimum, we were forced to limit download speeds and take other precautions. This resulted in overall mediocre download speeds.

From now on, all patches are being delivered through our webhost instead.
This means that patches will run through Cloudflare's Global Anycast Network, that serves content from the closest server near you.
In theory, this should reduce answer latency and hopefuly also increase download speeds for most likely everyone.

We're not entirely sure if the Cloudflare caching algorithm takes all patch files in to account, so we rely on your feedback.
Share your experience with us, as we're keen to hear if there's any improvement in speed and stability, when compared to our old patch process!

It's really great to know that our game server can now fully focus on your skill spam ~ keyboard smashes instead.



Is something not working as expected?
Did something went wrong during the patcher update process?

Create a Support Ticket, let us know what happened and we'll make sure to get your problem solved.


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Great work! It looks incredible. Also very happy to hear that you're keeping up with architectural updates, instead of relying on possibly deprecated software.

That merits the question: Do we get a landing page (gatheringro.com) remake soon as well?

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Thanks for the nice words, appreciate it /ok
And yes... our old patcher was really old and abandoned from a technical stand-point.
So i'm happy that we're now moving on with the official RO patcher.

The website is bugging me since years.
And i've been thinking about it recently again.

I haven't decided yet if we're going to have a complete remake or just slapping the new logo up front.
We'll see.

I'm currently focusing on a big ingame update.
Website will have to wait for now :)

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