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Major Update

By Everade
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Category: Patch Notes


Please note that due to vast client changes, this patch will include almost our entire game (aprox. 3GB).
We are offering a simple patching experience, but you will also have the option to re-install the game if the patching process is going to be too slow, or fails for you. A new full client installer is available for download.


    Core Gameplay Changes

Ragnarok Online is constantly evolving world that dares to grow beyond simple content additions.
As stated in our previous announcements, these gameplay overhauls re-designs our gameplay balancing approach from now on forward.

This update will not just simply change the meta, but also change the core chemistry of Gathering Ragnarok Online.
Never did we take this light hearted, and are aware about its heavy impact.

We truly believe that these were necessary steps to move forward, so we can deliver a broader RPG experience than ever before. However we are just as excited as ever, about our future, and your latest build creations in one of our biggest updates yet!

So let's get started. /meow

Attribute Normalization

We're normalizing the following attributes that define your current character builds.
These changes work hand in hand. ~ While we're directly lowering the survivability with the HP changes, we're also normalizing overall skill and monster power.
It reduces the big gaps between tanks and glass cannon classes, and re-defines skill power.

  • HP/SP Rate is no longer multiplied by 5. We're now using the official base HP and SP for your characters.
    This original gRO change affected every single skill that included HP or SP in its equation. That means with this update, we're reverting hundreds of skill and gear customizations which were only necessary due to our own HP/SP multipliers.
  • Max HP/SP has been normalized. Yet again, HP and SP affect tons of skill and gear power in a lot of different ways. To create a balanced skill environment and PvP gameplay, we're setting our max caps to official values. While we've had lowered this in the past, it wasn't enough to deal with the official equipment and skill mechanics. Now, we're using the official max HP and SP values as follows.
    - MaxHP at base level 99 is now 330'000 instead of 660'000
    - MaxHP at base level 150 is now 660'000 instead of 1'320'000
    - MaxHP at base level 200 is now 1'100'000 instead of 2'500'000
  • Max Base level is now 200 and max Job level 70.
    This change is a base requirement for us to get on part with available attribute and skill points for you to be able to spend.
    Sidenote: We will get back to base lvl 250 in foreseeable time, with the release of the 4th classes once they arrive.
  • Max Attributes (Stats) have been normalized and now vary between class stages (Until now, our custom values were all at 200). This brings back the original experience of Ragnarok Online, and lets you re-think your build strategies.
    - Max Stats for Base/Trans: 99
    - Max Stats for Third: 130
    - Max Stats for Baby: 80
    - Max Stats for Baby Third: 117
    - Max Stats for Extended: 125
    - Max Stats for Summoner: 120

    Example of a possible 3rd class max build:
  • Max ASPD for basic classes is now official at 190 ASPD rather than 193.
    Third- and extended classes are not affected by this change and can still reach a max ASPD of 193.
  • Summoner Normalization.
    This change will fundamentely change how they are affected by equipment effects skills and any other modifier. However lots of equipments recieved an update which additionaly add the doram race on top of demi-human, when it specifically comes to "player" related dmg modifiers. So we're at a point where it makes sense to revert this modification.
    - Summoners now belong to brute race instead of demi-human.
    - Summoners are now considered small size instead of medium.

This major Attribute Normalization flattens out the dmg peak curves of all classes, skills and build setups.
All your characters will be already reset for free when you login.

Sidenote: The new Trait Attributes status window dropdown (as shown on the image above) is currently not functional. These are 4th class exclusive attributes and will be used when 4th classes arrive.


Experience Rate

Experienced players liked the approach of fast leveling, then jump right into the action. But newcomers always struggled with missing out on the original gameplay experience. And we've faced lots of confused players over the years, due to the high-exp, low-drop rate scenario. With this change, we would like to tackle all problems at once, and create a better overall gameplay experience with truly low rates. An uncommon change, but its about time to move into the right direction.


We're drasticaly lowering our base and job experience rate modifiers down to x25, which makes us officialy a low-rate server.
Leveling-Up is now no longer a 10 minute speed run, but allows you to enjoy the process as an actual gameplay experience to explore and learn.

Although we've initialy announced to become a mid-rate server, upon testing it just didn't feel right.
We've been running lots of level-up gameplay tests and think we've found a great spot that allows the leveling experience to be an enjoyment. The lowered base and job lvl requirements also means that you require less total level-ups for any job class!

Don't forget that Experience Boost events will now be actualy appealing for both the players to enjoy, and us to actualy run any.

Also 12495.png Battle Manuals (EXP Booster) will now serve an actual real purpose.
This patch also streamlines Battle Manual offerings throughout our reward systems. You should experience a little less variants stacking up in your inventory than before.

64602.png Tome of Experience level up power has been reduced from 5 to 1 level-up per tome.
However they're now as valuable as ever to level up your precious characters. Especialy for PvP oriented players who don't want to spent too much time on the PvE side of things. We recommend saving them to close the hardest leveling gaps so you can easily skip your personal struggle.

Your current characters are now more valuable than ever, but creating a new one will be a truly new or possibly an "old" experience for anyone who's willing to try!



All custom balancing changes that have been applied to official items have been reverted to their original design.
Due to the vast amount of affected items, these changes will not be listed individualy. Only a handful of custom items have been rebalanced while most of them stayed untouched for now. As always, we'll be listening close to your feedback if you think some gear have turned into true outliers.

Drop Rates
Although we're planning to go more indept into our drop rate balancing later this year, new content and random options were screaming for immediate action. We didn't plan to include any drop rate adjustments in this patch, but here we are with some slight adjustments.

This should also solve another common confusion amongst new players, as this patch flattens our drop rates modifiers to x10 on all item types (cards stay untouched).
This lowers the drop rates of following item types globaly (balanced instance drops, and MVP drops are mostly not affected):

  1. Heal-Type items
  2. Consumable-Type items
  3. Equipment-Type items

Since quests are mostly based on common item types, this change shouldn't affect most quest related content.
Healing items never had a big appeal amongst our player base until now. And consumable drops are luckily rather uncommon amongst monsters. So the biggest impact that you will notice are equipment drop chances out in the wild fields and dungeons of Midgard.

We're planning to run another survey soon so we can gather as much feedback as possible.
We'll then decide, based on gathered statistics and player feedback, if we want to adjust our drop rates back or forth.

Especialy gathering rare gear should be another incentive to play the game, not a quick grab to destroy hundreds in upgrade attempts using cheap upgrade materials in a quick game session.

Item Approval Committee
New, and exclusive to our server is a committee that wants to make things right.
There have always been cases in the past, and also now with this patch, that item slots and refineablity of certain items have been reduced or removed. Either due to fixing certain items that had wrong configurations from the get-go, or simply because the items changed over the years. This can result in cards being attached to invisible card slots, or refinements that are still in place, on gear that doesn't allow cards or refinements any longer.

Since this can result in rather unfair situations, the Item Approval Committee is here to rectify the competitive field.

  • That's why we've founded the Item Approval Committee to scan and approve your gear!

    It will remove invisible cards and refinements from any affected gear, and return cards or safe refinement tickets that are almost equivalent to the refinement level by mail. So you can then re-assign those invisible cards that you've most likely long forgotten, and level up other gear with a brand new safe refinement ticket.

Droplight effects

Card drops can be easily missed out when being dropped to the ground.
The new droplight effect will help to prevent that from happening!

Please note that the effect only triggers when it's initialy dropped while being on screen. If a card gets into your view while placed on the ground already, the effect won't show. Same rule when walking out of sight, then back to the card.


Custom Items
To be more on par with official items we've had to adjust several custom items with this update.
Especialy items that take HP/SP and Attribute Bonuses into account which do no longer scale as originaly intended, but also your cards.

  • 61403.png Varulfur Card (Werewolf)
    Card Art has been overall polished.
    Added an additional new effect to make the card more viable.
    - When dealing physical or magical attack, has a low chance to transform into a Werewolf for 7 seconds.
    - While under Werewolf form, ATK + 10%, ignore target Def by 50%.
  • 61403.png Hel's Shadow Card (Belphegor)
    Added new Card Art.
    Instead of a flat increase in your attack power, the card now scales with your job level.
    Chance to cast Widefreeze has been lowered, but the casted spell is now stronger.
    MaxHP/SP Bonuses have been removed.
    - For each 10 Job Level: ATK, MATK, HIT +1
  • 61403.png King Poring Card
    Card Art has been overall polished.
    Instead of a flat increase in your attack power, the card now scales with your base DEX attribute.
    King Poring's Blessing duration has been reduced.
    - Adds 1 VIT for every 15 points of base DEX.
    - When you receive Physical or Magical damage, has a chance of casting King Poring's Blessing for 10 seconds.

  • 61410.png Goldring Boss Card
    The full custom bypass effect has been replaced with the official hard mdef bypass. This makes the card much less disruptive.
    - Bypass 75% of hard magic defense of All Races when performing a magical attack.

    * These planned changes have been reverted. The current effect will be kept.
  • 61410.png Sealed Goldring Boss Card
    Just like the full version, sealed version effect has been adjusted accordingly.
    - Bypass 45% of hard magic defense of All Races when performing a magical attack.
    - If compounded equipment is refined to +10 or higher: Bypass 55% of hard magic defense of All Races when performing a magical attack.

    * These planned changes have been reverted. The current effect will be kept.
  • 61403.png Skoll Card
    Replaced the MaxHP bonus with the following new effects.
    - Reduces physical and magical damage taken from fire property enemies by 15%.
    - Increases physical and magical damage taken from water property enemies by 30%.
  • 61403.png Skoll Baby Card
    Slightly reduced chance and power of its effect.
    - Adds a 4% chance of auto casting Level 5 Firebolt on the enemy when attacking.
    - Increases the chance of casting Level 5 Firebolt by an additional 4%.
  • 61403.png Bronzering Card
    Adjusted its effect and created a more specific description to reflect its new effect.
    - Increases damage of [Full Buster] by 5%.
    - Increases damage of [Crowd Control Shot] by 5%.
  • 61403.png Farbjodur Card
    No longer adds resistance to all elemental properly attacks. Adjusted the negative effect as well.
    - Reduces damage taken from Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Ghost and Holy elemental attacks by 50%.
    - Increases damage taken from Neutral attacks by 200%.
  • 64602.png Tome of Knowledge
    To reflect the experience and base level changes, the tome does no longer grant 5 levels at once.
    - Grants +1 character base level if below level 200 or one Obsidian Fragment if level 200.
  • 2573.png Emperium-, Archangel-, Seraph-, Fallen Angel Wing
    Although being custom gear, their effects have been reverted to their official counterpart which they're based on.
    Removed level requirement, increased base defense, increased weight and slightly reduced their base effect for ATK, MATK. 
  • 65125.png Battlelord Set
    Fixed set bonus which didn't deliver the promised update back in 2018. Now boosts Warg Strike and Blitz Beat instead of Arrow Storm as given in the item description. [Bug Report #55]
    Also fixed Battlelor's Boots description, only applies CRIT +20, not +25.
  • 63002.png Maya Helm
    Decreased the strong MDEF effect to be on par with official gear. Increased base defence and reduced its weight.
    - MDEF +30
  • 63003.png Samurai Head
    Added a basic effect for some bold power! Stay with us Samurai!
    - For each refine level: MaxHP +100
  • 63004.png Deviling Hat
    Added basic effects to a great looking headgear!
    - MATK +4%
    - Increases experience gained from defeating monsters by 2%.
    - Refine Level +6: Increases experience gained from defeating monsters by an additional 1%.
  • 65000.png Beginners Armor/Weapon Set
    The initial beginners sets overall power has been greatly reduced.
    As such, it does no longer overshadow most gear and its effect only stays active up to base level 80.
    This allows the set to still be very viable at the start, but gives players the opportunity to enjoy new gear opportunities way earlier in the leveling process.
  • 63340.png Slotted Lower Headgears
    Originaly lower headgears do not exist as slotted versions. The additional slots have a very high impact on class balance, as such, all lower headgear slots have been removed.
    Marybelle the enchanter continues to offer her services improving your gear, however without adding a slot to it.
    The new Item Approval Comittee system mentioned above will gladly take care to return all compounded cards back to you.
  • 61699.png Summer Event Items
    - Fixed some rewards to be gender restricted by mistake so that only female characters were able to enjoy some delicious fish or wear some precious new gear.
  • 63922.png Emperium Gear Sets
    - Fixed Emperium Light Robe's Earth Strain for Super Novice [Bug Report #50]
    - Fixed Emperium Format Suit, Emperium Graves, Gladiators Breastplate HP drain issue due to a calculation error on the used effect.
       It has now been replaced with a new script function that's specificaly designed for this purpose [Bug Report #31]
    - Fixed Emperium Blinder applying aspd bonuses rather than an after cast delay reduction of -3% [Bug Report #57]
  • 62122.png Salvage Tool
    Improved the Salvage Tool capabilities to properly detect enchants and special gear specifications. It will no longer return enchants, but destroy them instead. The warning process has also been improved to support enchants. Fixed a small issue with the Obsidian Fragment reward to be triggered multiple times. This also resolves issues regarding the inventory space and weight check. [Bug Report #52]



Official Items

This patch includes an extensive database update of all item types. Please note that only a tiny fraction of the total amount of changes and fixes are listed below. Some of them might seem random, but these patch notes were easily accessable for us, so we figured to add at least those easily available to us. The actual item database update adds/updates/fixes more than 1000 items based on official information.

  • Added missing refinement bonus for Magic Reflector. [Bug Report #47]
  • Fixed Reinforced Parts Item Set bonuses [Bug Report #48]
  • Adjusted and fixed Caster Shadow Set bonuses. Now fully official. [Bug Report #45]
  • The old Battlegrounds reward headgears (that are no longer available since years) will have their effect reverted back to official. This also fixes an issue realted to the GTB card effect. [Bug Report #53]
  • Fixed Manteau of the Fallen both slotted and unslotted versions Crit effect bonus. [Bug Report #59]
  • Fixed Costume Rabbit Earplug and Costume Reginleif Hairband head locations. [Bug Report #61]
  • Fixed Katar of Thanatos item description. [Bug Report #61]
  • Golden Thief Bug Card does not block Masquerade status changes any longer.
  • Fixed an issue that Doram wasn't able to wear some gear that were defined as for "all classes".
  • Fixed Ur's and Peuz's Greave giving negative stats if the refine is less than 8.
  • Fixed invalid item bonuses for both, Recovery Reactor 201 and Recovery Reactor 202.
  • Fixed Paladin Randel Card bonus missmatch which was reading the character's LUK attribute instead of INT.
  • Fixed Protect Cloth its looks. It was displaying a wrong item sprite.
  • Fixed the visuals for Soul Staff and Wizardry Staff to be 2H Staves.
  • Fixed Spiritual Ring + Wizardry Staff combo to check for the proper equipment refinement.
  • Fixed Abrasive item effect, which has been rewarded through achievement unlocks.
  • Fixed Racing Cap combo with Racing 3Lv. Adjusts Cart Boost bonus to level 3 and its duration to 120 seconds.
  • Corrected Thomahawk, Deflation Axe, Blue Axe, Guardian Knight Axe, Refined Great Axe, Celestial Axe, Veteran Axe, Bradium Stone Hammer, Doom Slayer, Giant Axe, Ignus Steel, End Sextora, Upgraded Two Handed Axe, Krishna, Katar of Honor, Shiver Kater, Wax Axe, Cleaver, Windhawk, Edge, Immaterial Sword, Balmung (original), Masamune, Tae Goo Lyeon, Alca Bringer, Executioner, Cutlass, Holy Dagger, Infiltrator, Refined Unholy Touch, Runaway Magic, Bear's Power, Muscle Fool, Hawkeye and Lucky Day basic data and bonuses.
  • Fixed Whikebain's Black Tail which no longer applies curse.
  • Fixed Whikebain Ears should Ignore 100% MDEF for Normal and Boss class monsters only. Also fixed bonus for slotted version.
  • Fixed Asgard's Blessing item bonuses.
  • Corrected Valkyrie Knife by adding its missing Super Novice class bonuses.
  • Corrected Happy Balloon drop rate bonus.
  • Corrected Ramorushirudo undead bonus.
  • Corrected Experimental Goat Cap earth bonus.
  • Corrected Resentful Soldier Card, Heart Hunter Evil Card, Faceworm Egg Card, Gigantes Card, LoVA Realization Lulu Card, Evil Dwelling Box Card, Creepy Demon Card, Malicious Baby Ghost Card, Abandoned Teddy Bear Card bonus effects.
  • Corrected Faceworm Larva Card + Faceworm Egg Card, Shackles + Prisoner's Uniform,  All of Vesper + Memory of Lovers,  Sprint Glove + Sprint Mail + Sprint Shoes + Sprint Ring combo bonus effects.
  • Removed iRO-specific bonus from Rideword Hat
  • Corrected Wanderer Outer + Wanderer's Sakkat combo
  • Adjusted the Increase Soil Card effect to trigger the bonuses from target to user.
  • Super Novice are no longer able to wear Temporal Boots
  • The cards with specific 'compound on accessory side' can now only be inserted on accessory equipment using the same side.
  • Added missing effect and combos for Survivor's Circlet [1]
  • Fixed a couple of item bonuses increasing SP consumption rather than decreasing it.
  • Fixed Magmaring Card racial plant bonus
  • Fixed Silver Tiara Acolyte bonus
  • Fixed Rainbow Cake effect duration
  • Removed hidden Hat of the Sun God item effects that were out of place
  • Racing Cap (Super Novice) combo now applies the correct Cart Boost bonus
  • Adjusted the weight for Shuriken, Nimbus Shuriken, Flash Shuriken, Sharp Leaf Shuriken, Thorn Needle Shuriken, Icicle Kunai, Black Earth Kunai, High Wind Kunai, Heat Wave Kunai, Fell Poison Kunai, and Explosive Kunai.
  • Fixed Veteran Axe not casting Bash when using Hammerfall.
  • Jewelry Ring now reduces variable cast time by 30% and does no longer add LUK. ASPD and cast reduction bonus now lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Reduced weight for yellow, red and blue gemstones and increased their base prices
  • Implemented several honor token items.
  • Fixed Robot's Arm, Gigantic Blade, and Tornado Axe range, job settings.
  • Filir's Pinions will no longer be refineable.
  • Resolves the interaction between Maya Purple Card and Box of Sunlight.
    Intravision status will now end if a hat with Maya Purple Card is taken off while Box of Sunlight is active.
  • Fixed Golem Card effect
  • Fixed Books of Apocalypse effect
  • Fixed White Wing Set bonus effects
  • Updated several healing item usage delays.
  • Updated allowed jobs, equip level, weight, prices, item scripts, set combos and more data for thousands of items. It also includes thousands of new items for current and upcoming content. This is quite an extensive update based on a Divine-Pride sync and gets most of our database content pretty up to date.
  • Major global item description update




To bring our buffed monsters on paar with your character strength, the majority of our customizations have been reverted.
We've also rebalanced most of our custom monsters, to reflect official monster strength.

World Bosses

  • We've renamed both Belphegor and Werewolf to better match norse mythology.
    - Belphegor is now Hel's Shadow
    - Werewolf is now Varulfur
  • Adjusted world bosses attributes, however we're pretty sure that they're currently unbalanced and will follow up with balancings after the first few fights took place. Make sure to share your feedback with us to find the sweet spot.
  • Varulfur is now Poison Lvl 4 and Race Brute
  • Hel's Shadow is now Shadow Lvl 4 and Race Demon
  • King Poring is now Race Formless
  • Lowered HP of all world bosses immensely.
  • Now only take 10% of any inflicted damage.

Never underestimate Hel's Power.

AoE Visualization

  • Added support for skill scale display so you get the chance to avoid incoming attacks!
    This feature displays and visualizes the area of effect when a monster casts certain Area of Effect skills.


Pets, Homunculi & Mercenaries

  • Pet Eggs will now survive being sent through RoDex mails. Just make sure to put some holes into the box before shipping.
  • Renaming a Pet will no longer remove the "Beloved" prefix on its egg.
  • Pet Intimacy is now displayed in the item description of its related egg.
  • Pet Boss monsters will now also display the boss icon next to their name.
  • Pet bonuses now apply properly [Bug Report #6] [Bug Report #44]
  • Old Pets now fully support Autofeeding. [Bug Report #7]
  • Autofeed state is now kept when changing map, relogging or re-hatching a pet. [Bug Report #11]
  • Fixed an issue that during very specific cirtumstances an egg could be duplicated during weapon repair.
  • Homunculi will no longer share experience when player is idle.
  • When a homunculus is starving (hunger between 0-10) their hunger delay now drops from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Both, the master and the mercenary now increase the mercenary kill counter.

Pets finally getting some love <3

Monster Skills

1. NPC_Skill_Icon.png Dark Breath

  • Adjusts damage formula to official.
  • Adjusts damage type from Misc to Magic.
  • Skill now has a 50% success chance to damage the target.
  • Removes Flee and Defense Card ignore flags.

2. NPC_Skill_Icon.png Earthquake

  • Is now a unit-based skill.
  • Damage is now properly calculated based on the caster's ATK.
  • Damage is considered magic with the element forced to Neutral.
  • Now ignores target's DEF and Land Protector.
  • Kaupe and Tumbling now can avoid the first attack only.

3. NPC_Skill_Icon.png Sharp Shooting

  • Adjusted the formula to properly apply damage bonuses if used by monsters.

Other Monster Updates

  • All monster spawns on all maps have been globaly updated.
    This affects which, and how many monsters spawn on their respective map.
  • Boss monsters now display a skull icon next to their name.
  • Slaves do no longer teleport back to their master if lured far away. (official behavior)
  • Corrected an incorrect monster spawn for White Plant on a Rock Ridge field.
  • Fixed slave stats recalculation upon a game master triggered a database reload.
    Slaves sometimes ended up with weird status calculations or insane speed.
  • Fixed supportive monsters calling other monsters with no assist mode.
  • Monsters using the skill "Run" will now properly try to escape from an attacker and will run farther based on used skill level.
  • Updated monster hp, strength, stats, drops and more data for thousands of monsters. It also includes hundreds of new monsters for current and especialy upcoming content.
    This is quite an extensive update based on a Divine-Pride sync and gets most of our database content pretty up to date.
    Please note that this will also affect some item drop rates.



    NPC Services

Library of Althea
The library is now an accessible building and offers free basic knowledge to all visitors.

  • The new Warlock Spellbooks can be obtained in the Althea Library as well. For more details read the Warlock patch notes.
  • Featuring a World Boss Encyclopedia to handout some background story about each world boss.
  • The Althea Castle book return-shelf feature has been moved from Everade's House to the library. It helps you to get rid of some selected account bound books.


The Para Market opened its doors! This market is open all day and all week, however there are certain NPCs that are only available on the weekends. Some Items sold in the Para Market are sold in limited quantities for the entire server but will replenish over time.

  • The market can be accessed through the Eden Group area.

  • Updated official Poison Herb, Rune Stone, and Point Merchants to a simple shop that doesn’t offer discounts.
  • Added Advanced Potion Merchant in all major cities that offers improved potions.
  • The old Spell Book Tool Dealer within the Althea Supply shop has been removed and replaced with the official NPCs. For more details read the Warlock patch notes.
  • A handful of price adjustments on the class tool dealers to better reflect official prices.


Life Insurance
With our new and way lower leveling up rates in place, losing experience can actualy become punishing.
Life Insurance items have always existed, but they are consumable and only hold up for 30 minutes.
The new Heart Merchant now exchanges 5x 12209.pngLife Insurances for a 6413.pngHeart Pact.
Upon death, the Heart Pact will be consumed as long as it's inside your inventory. It surely saves wasted Life Insurances on the long run since you don't have to consume it beforehand.
Meet him in front of the Althea church or in Prontera.

  • Added Life Insurances to a handful of reward mechanics.


Job Master
Our Job Master recieved a major overhaul and works now very different at its core.
We took the chance to integrate the Baby Job Master and the Platinum Skill NPC into a single and clean Job Master version. She'll now take over all jobs at once, so you're getting the most comfortable experience with a few simple clicks.

  • Supports Expanded Super Novice (Super Novice 2)
  • Supports Star Emperor & Soul Reaper
  • Supports New Baby Classes
  • Removed Baby Job Master
  • Removed Platinum Skill NPC
  • Improved level requirement feedback when you're not yet ready for a change.


Also our skill and attribute resetter went back to our drawing board.
Finally back with a Attribute Build System that allows you to store and restore builds. Compared to our old Build Memorizer, this restores saved builds in a save way which would never allow any damage to your precious character stats.

  • Added Build Memorizer to save and restore Attribute Builds


    Warp Agents

    • Added new Dungeons and deeper dungeon floors as warp locations
    • Added new Instance warp locations
    • Added Eden Group and Para Market warp locations


      Rental Services

      • Small menu flow and dialogue improvements.
      • Cart owners have a new futuristic version to pick from their available designs as shown below.
      • Now offers the new Mado Gear for VIP Account members, just like the additional Dragon options for Rune Knights.
        (Currently not available for Non-VIP players, we're considering other solutions for a later date.)

      "What about the Stylist NPC?" someone asked.

      • Overhauled Stylist services in Althea, so you can quickly check through all the available colors.
        You're no longer forced to enter the numbers individualy.
      • We've fixed and improved many summoner related color issues for both their bodies and heads.



        Other NPC Updates

        • Corrected Cat Paw references and NPC names. (Cats have paws, not hands)
        • Typo fix in dialogue of "Leablem", the Socket Enchanter. He was refering to weapons instead of armor.
        • Fixed wrong equip descriptions in refiner dialogues.
        • Added a missing heal at the Inkeeper of Rockridge.
        • Corrected 'Healer Haru' npc to grant permanently first aid to doram race.
        • Corrected several Rock Ridge drop sell prices.
        • Added the Vending Machine for Novices at several beginner locations.
        • Added missing warp portals to yuno and lighthalzen houses.
        • Implemented Kafra and Zonda Extended Services all over Midgard.
        • Added additional security checks on our Gender Changer.
        • Updated several Prontera NPC locations to fit our inofficial pretty Prontera.
          Some NPCs and warp portals were glitched inside 3D objects.



            Content Update & Quests


        16.2 Episode Update

        Implemented Episode 16.2: Terra Gloria!
        This is the continuation of the Banquet for Heroes quest.
        To get started, visit the wiki: https://gatheringro.com/wiki/Terra_Gloria


        Schwarz Honor Tokens Exchange

        15163.png Agenda Robe [1]
        1000 Schwartz's Honor Tokens
        15164.png Consultation Robe [1]
        1000 Schwartz's Honor Tokens
        28425.png Mercenary Ring Type A
        1500 Schwartz's Honor Tokens
        28426.png Mercenary Ring Type B
        1500 Schwartz's Honor Tokens
        19115.png Republic Hat [1]
        2500 Schwartz's Honor Tokens
        19115.png Costume Combat Vestige
        1500 Schwartz's Honor Tokens

        New Monster Drop Highlights
        28913.png Ultralight Magic Shield [1] Obtained from Cutie (Werner Laboratory Central Room).
        13461.png Sealed Evil Sword [2] Obtained from Heart Hunter Evil (Heart Hunter War Base 2).
        13462.png Sealed Maximum Sword [2] Obtained from Heart Hunter Evil (Heart Hunter War Base 2).
        1447.png Poison Forged Spear [3] Obtained from Venomous Chimera (Werner Laboratory).

        Terra Gloria Cards

        Heart_Hunter.pngHuman Kimera.pngMatter_Kimera.pngVenom Kimera.pngCutie.pngHeart_Hunter_Evil.png

        Episode 16.1 Updates

        • Several official content updates throughout the quest line.
        • Ritual Of Blessing
          Added a missing npc dialogue section.
          Corrected some touch trigger events.
          Corrected and improved several timer events.
        • Updated monster skills related to 16.1 content.
        • Enabled Butler for the Richards hunting quests.
        • Visit our dedicated Episode 16.1 website for more information.

        Episode 15.2 Updates
        This includes several fixes, improvements and missing content. The following content is affected:

        • Corrected misc npcs
        • Corrected Krotzel's Request quest
        • Corrected memory quest

        Episode 15.1 Updates
        This includes several fixes, improvements and missing content. The following content is affected:

        • Police quests
        • Wandering Bard Quest
        • Added doom Prayers spawn event on verus04
        • Corrected To Phantasmagorika! quest
        • Corrected Vestige quest
        • Added Reward Coordinator and Contribution Certificate Vending Machine npcs (the daily quests coming with them are officially disabled but the reward npcs remain)
        • Added the missing kafra on verus04
        • Corrected the main quest

        Tomb of Honor

        • Updated all mechanics and dialogues to represent the official quest content.
        • Updated and fixed several Tomb of Honor related equipment bonuses
        • Fixed a missing zeny check.

        Other Quest Updates

        • New Quest User Interface which now supports race/size/element/min level/max level/hunting location quest objectives.
        • Vastly reduced the chance to die while bungee jumping in the Tiara Samambaia quest.
        • Fixed Instructor Argos (Trick Dead Quest) which teached the quest skill to all classes rather than only to novices.
        • Fixed Airship Board quest that due to a wrong quest progress check allowed to restart the quest infinitely.
        • Fixed an exploit where you could save in Manuk and Splendide fields and open Warp Portal to these maps for other players.
        • Fixed a menu selection missmatch in the Eclage Quest line when talking to Mother Rosa.
        • Fixed Fili NPC dialogue to fall-through certain cases due to missing close buttons. That means that players ended up in wrong NPC dialogue.
        • Fixed multiple character check errors in the Continental Guard quest series.
        • Corrected the quest logs in the Amatsu quest line.
        • Implemented the official Cart Remodel Expert, which is located at alberta 47, 37.
        • Updated Hero Token Exchanger npc to match official npc.
        • Updated Dimensional Travel Quest to match the official story-line.
        • Updated the spawn mechanics for mini-bosses on Flame Basin map, to reflect the official behavior
        • Added Flaming Basin and Doom Prayers quests
        • Added missing quest logs in the Rachel quest line.
        • Updated Rock Ridge Quest-line and academy content with proper NPC cloaking behavior. ( a new npc cloaking method that has been implemented )
        • The quests for low level players in Lasagna were not properly deleted by the Chef npc.
        • The sensitive-minded ela forgot to remove the coin in the Lasagna quest line.
        • Fixed a couple of bugs in several job quests.
        • Fixed an issue in Umbala Domestic Dispute Quest.
        • Fixed wrong information in the reward dialogue of the Sorcerer NPC in the Bio4 reward quest line.
        • Added a missing NPC triggered heal in the Rock Ridge quest line.
        • Added NPC illustrations to the Friendship Quest.
        • Added quest log support for the Turtle Island quest line.
        • Fixed a check for spectate double Monster Races
        • Fixed change quest error on official Priest job change quest
        • Fixed a potential dead end in the merchant quest




        Heart Hunter War Base

        Werner Laboratory Central

        Horror Toy Factory

        • Fixed an issue where the treasure chest rewarded Red Lantern instead of Bloody Coins.
        • Boss fight now features Hell Burning skill triggers around the battle area.

        The Last Room

        • Updated all mechanics and dialogues to represent the official instance.

        Central Laboratory

        • Updated all mechanics and dialogues to represent the official instance.
        • Corrected effect timers.
        • Corrected the boss spawn rate.

        Morse's Cave

        • Updated all mechanics and dialogues to represent the official instance.
        • Fixed issues related to removing quests properly from the quest log.
        • Implemented missing card drops.

        Isle of Bios

        • Implemented missing card drops.

        Room of Consciousness

        • Fixed several smaller issues throughout the instance.

        Temple of Demon God

        • Implemented missing card drops to the Flame Basin quest line.

        Sealed Shrine

        • Fixed instance timer not being disabled.

        Devil's Tower

        • Implemented missing card drops ( Evil Shadow Card, Evil Fanatics Card )

        Sky Fortress

        • Replaced our custom implementation with the final official instance release.
        • Boss fight now fully supports all official mechanics and skill-attacks.
        • Gear rewards now fully supports the additional Random Bonus effect. Please note that this only applies to new gear that has dropped from the instance.

        Geffen Magic Tournament

        • Fixed possible monster warping issues during the end of the instance.

        Old Glast Heim

        • Corrected some warp portal triggers based on official kro gameplay footage.

        Nightmarish Jitterbug

        • Implemented all missing drops [Bug Report #4] Although this was already partly fixed, this patch should resolve all remaining issues.

        Sarah and Fenrir

        • Corrected Sarah to be properly considered a MVP so she can no longer be affected by certain status effects.
        • Fixed instance getting stuck if skipping killing the giants.

        Charleston Crisis

        • Replaced our custom implementation with the final official instance release.
        • Replaced our custom implementation with the final official exchange/enchant NPCs.

        Other Instance Updates

        • Player created instances now persist relogs, so you can join back into the action for some selected instances.
          For example Infinite Space and Sealed Shrine do not support re-entry.
        • The instance destroy button is now fully functional.
        • Fixed autotraders counting for instance requirements. They no longer count as party members.
        • You're now being notified about character and clan instances on login.





        • You can now join a battleground either as an individual or with your entire party or guild.
        • You can now join any mode queue individualy using the new interface, rather than joining the global queue.
        • When a battleground is being prepared and not enough players click accept, the battleground will be stopped from beginning.
        • Now prevents players from joining a battleground that's about to end.

        BG - Queue User Interface
        The user interface that we solely used for informational purposes is now fully functional!

        • Battlegrounds User Interface allows now to join queues directly through a visual interface.
        • You can now pick your favorite battlegrounds mode queue and are no longer forced to wait for a rotation.
        • You can now join a queue as a party to be able to play in the same team.
        • You can now join a queue as a guild, to be able to play in the same team.
        • The queue will be visualy displayed and can be minimized by clicking the "Close" button.
          You can also leave the queue by selecting the "Cancel" button.


        BG - Matchmaking
        Yes, we kept the command @joinbg alive, but without the rotation system!
        The rotation system solely existed for the purpose of keeping the pvp action busy, while giving some king of option to pick your favorite game modes. Although it worked, it was tidious to wait for the rotation to move on.

        Now instead, @joinbg fills you into a queue by the following priority:

        1. Most active, running match.
        2. Waiting queue with the most players if there's no active match.
        3. If you're the only player seeking, you will be filled into a random queue.

        This should finding an active queue way more convenient, and allows our Battlegrounds to stay active.
        The command @leavebg has been removed, since you can now leave any queue using the user interface instead.

        BG - Team Leader
        The leader system is deprecated. Although it featured neat tactical commands, they seemed to gather dust amongst our community.

        • All team leader related commands are with that no longer existant. (@order / @leader / @guildskill / @reportafk)

        BG - AFK Punishment
        Since the leader, and with that the command @reportafk does not longer exist, AFK players are no longer required to be kicked manualy by the players.

        • AFK players are now warned and kicked automatically upon a certain amount of inactivity.
        • AFK players are not rewarded in any way and are blocked to join new games for a certain amount of time.

        BG - Inferno Mode
        Triple Inferno has been re-designed to become a 2 team only game mode to make it more accessable.
        The mode rules persist, gather skulls and sacrifice them to the totems at your base.

        • This also fixes the counter display issues since the official Battlegrounds system was never designed to support 3 teams at once.
        • Mode has been renamed from Triple Inferno to Inferno.


        War of Emperium

        • The Emperium has been normalized to its official stats and does with that follow the official attack/skill behavior standards. This should also fix the issue of being able to hold more than 1 castle. [Bug Report #10] [Bug Report #32]
        • Visual costumes are now disabled on GvG maps, except for hat special effects.


        WoE - Guild Emblems

        • All stored guild emblems have been deleted from our database. The Guild Emblem system is now running a new backend system which doesn't support the old ones, which means you will have to re-upload them.
        • Guild Emblems now also support GIF format, for animated versions.



        WoE - Guild Skills
        Changes 5 minute guild global cooldown to be either a 5 or 3 minute individual cooldowns for Restore, Regeneration, Battle Order, Emergency Call, and Item triggered Emergency Call.

        1. Charge_Shout_Flag.png Charge Shout Flag (New Skill)

        • This skill is only enabled during WoE.
        • The Guild Master places a "Flag of Assault"
        • Lasts for 5 minutes.

        2. Charge_Shout_Beating.png Charge Shout Beating (New Skill)

        • This skill is only enabled during WoE.
        • Enables Guild Members to teleport to the "Flag of Assault" if within the same castle.


        3. Emergency_Move.png Emergency Move (New Skill)

        • This skill is only enabled during WoE.
        • Increases Guild Master's and nearby Guild Members Movement Speed.
        • Area of effect is 15x15
        • Duration 10 seconds
        • Cooldown 10 minutes


        4. Restoration.png Restore

        • Reduced fixed cast time from 10 seconds to 1.

        5. Guild_Storage_Expansion.png Guild Storage Expansion

        • Now works according to skill description which allows a maximum of 500 item slots at skill level 5.

        PVP Arena

        • Fixed PvP Counter displaying wrong data when a player in an invisible state entered the map.




        This patch comes with a brand new, up-to-date client package that brings new features and quality of life improvements!

        Refinement System
        Release of a modernized refinement system that utilizes a user interface to process refinements rather than picking from a NPC menu list. You can now conveniently drag and drop or double-click your equipment and pick your prefered refinement materials. This also means that its no longer required to have your gear equipped in order to refine them. Additionaly, you can now see your refine chances and safety information at all times.

        The new user interface also simplifies the overall refinement experience because it combines multiple Refiner NPCs into one.
        Here's an example of how it dynamically changes the item requirements:

        • Vestri now triggers the new refinement UI
        • Removed Basta refinement NPC
        • Removed Mighty Hammer refinement NPC
        • Removed Destri refinement NPC
        • Removed Alham refinement NPC
        • Shadow Blacksmith does no longer offer her services and refers to Vestri instead.

        6635.pngBlacksmith's Blessing
        The new Blacksmith's Blessing replaces our Blessed Ore system, and offers the same optional protection functionality at its core.
        It can be applied to gear refinement levels +8 up to +14 instead of +6 to +12. It can also be used for both armor and weapons alike.
        However you'll now also need more Blacksmith's Blessing, the higher the current refinement level of your gear.
        Refining to +8 costs 1x6635.png
        Refining to +9 costs 2x6635.png
        Refining to +10 costs 4x6635.png
        Refining to +11 costs 7x6635.png
        Refining to +12 costs 11x6635.png
        Refining to +13 costs 16x6635.png
        Refining to +14 costs 22x6635.png

        Both, the 6438.png Blessed Armor- and 6439.pngWeapon Ores will automatically convert into the new 6635.pngBlacksmith's Blessing upon using any refinement services as they're officialy retired. You'll recieve 8x Blacksmith's Blessing per Ore. Just make sure you have them in your inventory while talking to a refiner.
        Please note that this conversion rate will possibly be lowered at a later date, so convert them while you can.

        • All ingame rewards that involved Blessed Ores have been replaced with Blacksmith's Blessing accordingly.
        • Fixed an issue where the refine bonus of a weapon was overwriting ATK2 bonuses given by other equipment.
        • Refinement gear bonuses starting from refinement level 16 up to lvl 20 have been increased.

        Refine_Smith.png Clink~ Clonk~ +16?!


        Featuring 2 new buttons that allows faster mail management and we've implemented automatic mail returns.

        • Mail_Delete_All_Button.png -> will delete all mails within the currently selected mailbox.
        • Mail_Retrieve_All_button.png -> will retrieve all attached items in the currently selected mailbox.
        • You can still delete mails and retrieve attachements individualy by selecting them with the checkbox.
        • Mails with attachements are now returned to sender if the reciever doesn't retrieve the attachement within 15 days.
          Returned mails will be sent to your "Return" mailbox.
        • Mails without attachements will be automatically deleted after 15 days.
        • Returned Mails will be deleted after 90 days, regardless of an attachement.

          Notice: The server will handle currently stored mails in lots of batches. We've never returned nor deleted mails until now, so it will aprox. take 2 full days to return thousands of old mails and delete them eventually.


        Quest List
        We have some really great news to all the questers out there!
        Our quest log interface recieved an entire overhaul. It now offers a clear overview over any tracked/untracked quests, our recommendations for brand new content and quests currently on hold.

        • You can now track and untrack ongoing quests by clicking the eye button tracked.pnguntracked.png, instead of right-clicking them.
          It will move tracked quests down to the untracked register, and vise-versa.
        • Additionaly, you can now also use the checkbox checkbox.png to add or remove individual quests from the ingame overlay quest tracker.
          Now you have truly full control over your questing experience!
        • We're now utilizing the recommended section to show you what's next on your journey through Midgard.
          This is a great opportunity for us to inform you about brand new or updated content. These are solely promotional entries and won't be removed upon completion. They will be removed and replaced by us, when we deliver new quest content.
        • Quests now feature an icon which indicates the quest type, which ranges from normal over episodical, events and more.
          We're currently not utilizing all of them but we'll make sure to improve old and new quests alike.
        • The On Hold section withholds quests that indicate a certain wait time before you can continue. For example instance cooldowns.
          This way you can focus on quests that are currently available.


        Login Rewards
        We've heard your complaints!
        The sudden pop-up during intense fights were not just distracting but could have possibly caused a premature demise.

        • Added a Login Rewards button Login_Rewards.png to the menu interface. Makes it much more accessable for your daily checks.
        • Login Rewards Cutin does no longer pop-up when you get rewarded.
        • Based on our statistics, we've rebalanced some items on the reward track.
          - Small tweaks on the high-tier chest rewards.
          - Replaced Blessed Ores with Blacksmith's Blessing.
          - Replaced Advanced Buff Scrolls with a Life Insurance.
          - Replaced Battle Manual rewards with the new x1.5 stream-lined versions.
          - Reduced the Master Buff Scroll, Bloody Branch, Universal Tamer and Bubble Gum reward amount, as we've seen them stacking up in very high amounts.


        Check Player Info
        The old "Check Equipment Info" when right-clicking a player has been changed to "Check Player Info" instead.

        • Player Info now triggers a selection interface to additionaly display either BG or WoE related stats of a player.



        Emperium Breaker Service
        Our breaker service has been improved.

        • Emperium stats are now fully official just like in our castles.
        • Emperium Tests no longer count towards the WoE Statistics.
        • Emperium stats now assumes max Castle Defense investments instead of none.
        • Global reset of all records, due to changed Emperium stats.



        Cash Shop
        We're currently looking into further cash shop content improvement while this patch delivers some first smaller changes.

        • Our cash shop now supports previews for all the precious costume offerings.
          Please note that headgears with special effects are due to client limitations still not supported.
        • We've added an additional cash shop button Cash_Shop.png to the menu interface.
          You can activate/deactivate the old Cash Shop button next to the worldmap using /cashshop
        • Replaced Blessed Ores offerings with the new Blacksmith's Blessing.
        • Replaced Battle Manual offerings with the new stream-lined Manual versions.
        • Added new Pet Costume variants.

        Account Plus (VIP)

        • We've renamed our Account Plus system to VIP and are now refering to it as either VIP Membership or VIP Account.
          We weren't that consistent with it before as it was already party named VIP. This simplification shall prevent any further confusions.

        VIP Storage

        • If your VIP Account membership runs out, and your storage is currently storing over the max limit (For example 750/500), items will no longer become invisible! You will still have to tidy up your storage to be putting new items back into it though.

        Homunculus/Mercenary A.I.

        Ragnarok Online lots of features officialy disabled back in 2018 which disappointed a lot of Homunculus fans.
        We're happy to announce that at least some of the A.I. configurations are back available! Automatically attack non aggressive mobs is still deactivated. )

        Please note that you will still have to setup custom AI by yourselfs. Our GatheringRO installation will only include the official default AI. If you're interested into setting up your own A.I. behavior, checkout our updated Wiki Info page which introduces you to some of the basics.

        • Custom A.I. can be activated using /hoai command while ingame.
        • Also make sure that your Homunculi/Mercenary is set to your prefered mode using Alt+T which alternates between "Passive" and "Aggressive".

          Note: We have no relation to any of the software provided to customize Homunculus AI, please use at your own risk.



        • New command /showshop toggles player vending shops visibility On/Off.
        • New command /mable toggles summoner's Spirit Marbles On/Off.
        • Fixed issues that were haunting our @showcast command. Now shows actual cast time after all reductions took place.

        Chest Reward System
        We've digged a little deeper into your core and and found some issues related to players not being eligible to recieve their well deserved rewards. This should fix issues related to [Bug Report #37] and [Bug Report #42].

        • Total dealt damage is now stored in int64, to avoid buffer overflows that resulted in negative dmg (which was rounded to 0).
        • We've additionaly massively reduced the total HP of World Bosses. Since they only now recieve 10% of all total incoming damage which further fights buffer overflows. This isn't supposed to change the fighting experience itself, just how we're technicaly dealing with HP and applied damage.
        • Fixed an issue that if too many players attended a fight, only up to 30 players were able to recieve a reward.
          The system now supports up to 200 players.
        • Chest drop info is now displayed when using the @monsterinfo command on monsters that support the chest drop system.
          Shared chest drops are titled as "Chest Items:" and show live ingame data.
          Keep in mind that all chest drops are still not affected by drop rate modifiers such as vip bonus or bubble gums.
          You can finally take a look at drop chances and possible rewards! /fsh


        Izlude Battle Arena
        Our little Time Trials, though being fun, never offered any proper incentive to attend them. While fixing the broken Party Mode, we realized that our customizations were no longer up for our current environment. Instead of re-working content that was originaly designed for Pre-Renewal, we decided to revert all our customizations alltogether and offer the official Izlude Battle Arena for lower tier content instead.

        • Reverted all Izlude Battle Arena customizations such as a handful of custom spawned monsters.
        • Reverted custom rewards to the official ones. Those rewards weren't worth the trouble.
        • Reverted custom level requirements on all time trials.
        • Fixed Party Time Trial.
        • Global reset of all records, due to level requirement and monster changes.

        Other Updates

        • Improved some 3d model textures on the WoE Core map.
        • Added some additional @security command checks on refiner NPCs.
        • Removed all "Save the Economy" punishments globally for those players who were still paying "debt" for abusing long past exploits. /pat2



            Game Mechanics

        Official changes, improvements and bug fixes have found their way into lots of our game mechanics.


        • Blacksmith ranking points are now increased by +10 per successful refine instead of +20. This was an ancient bug since the increase was based on the max-refine value, and thus got automaticaly increased with the renewal refinement update.

        Character Attributes

        • Removed an extra status calculation for players resulting in some status data being nullified.
        • Adjusted status calculation for autobonus and unequipping items.
        • Some improvements to delayed damage logic.
        • These adjustements fix issues related to item bonuses that are running on timers to be reset when recieving certain buffs. (General Egnigem Cenia Card HP/SP regen for example)
        • Fixed Expanded Baby parameter cap
          - Resolved Expanded Baby classes parameter cap defaulting to the upper class.
          - Fixes baby parameters for Summoners as well.
        • Doram ASPD does now properly scale up to 193.
        • The right hand attack (ATK) display should now only show bonuses given by weapons and not the STR/DEX bonus. This fixes an issue related to addtional atk stats being displayed which do not actually apply additionaly.


        • Added lots of new hidden treasure chest achievements all over midgard, and update the already available chest locations to match official.
        • Added several new achievements for you to explore and unlock.
        • Fixed an issue where achievements that check for specific base/job level events didn't trigger.



        • Fixed several element checks that were haunting some skills.
        • Fixed several skills getting their elemental damage recalculated several times resulting in unwanted extra damage.
        • Fixed skills casted by Abracadabra and Improvised Song ignoring critical map restrictions.
        • Fixed critical item bonuses not applying to skills.
        • Corrected the absolute ASPD % modifier formula
        • Corrected renewal skill modifier base level requirement to apply more damage starting with lvl 100 instead of 101.
        • Fixed skill constant bonus damage calculation. (Some bonuses were applied 4 times instead of just once).
        • Stop skill usage keeping when the player fails to cast in some fashion.
        • Skills no longer assign 20% of their variable cast to fixed cast time which reduces overall cast times.
        • Fixed the HP/SP damage for statusAtk and masteryAtk to properly apply the NK_IGNOREELEMENT flag when checking target players.

        Other Mechanics

        • Resolves Rifle damage not properly accounting for skill ratio damage.
        • Fixed an issue that caused several status change timers to be unintentionally destroyed. This resulted in several skill triggered timers to break.
        • Fixed cases of monsters getting stuck when they lose sight of their target item that is looted by another monster.
        • Fixed dual Wielding Axes breaking when they should be unbreakable.
          (All axes and maces are naturally unbreakable except in upgrade attempts.)
        • Fixed monster messages not loading which resulted in monsters not triggering speach (dialogue) messages.
        • Fixed bonus2 bRegenPercentHP, and bonus2 bRegenPercentSP effect bonuses not working at all when used. Also fixed incorrect percentage formula when these bonuses are getting triggered.
        • Added several security checks for touch triggered npc events.
          Checks if the player is still in npc range, if the player is still able to interact with the npc or if the npc is currently cloaked.
        • If a player stands on an invisible warp trigger area while the npc is disabled, it will now properly warp you once the npc gets activated. You no longer have to move to get warped.
        • Recovery item effects are now multiplicatively stacked.
        • Sends a not found/disconnected message when a player with an active '/ignoreall' state is whispered. This helps players to hide properly if they want to.
        • Added missing character restrictions while writing a mail. (No moving etc...)
        • Fixed max HP/SP bonus rate formula that's triggered from equipment and consumables.
        • Fixed issues related to duplicate items in itemshops which didn't properly pass the right cost values.
        • Vending will now be stopped if an invalid list is recieved.
          This prevents players from not recieving the full sales price in some cases.
        • Fixed character death counter not updating properly.
        • Fixed Super Novice bonus not being removed on death.
        • Fixed an issue with storages, in which case inventory instead of storage packets were sent back to the client.
        • Cleaned up our backend to remove the old account based gender system and fully replace it with the character gender. Cleans up some client inconsistencies.
        • NPCs will now also trigger an OnTouch event in case the player is standing still and instead the triggering NPC is passing by.
        • Fixed getting stuck if being warped while writing a mail.
        • Resolved an issue with damage not being passed back to the parent function after it has been reduced by various statuses or skills. Which fixes issues related to damage reduction of several statuses and builds.
        • Small walkpath optimizations
        • Fixed issues related to a live server script reload, so that duplicate NPCs weren't able to initialize some functions properly.
        • Fixed issues with character disguises when using @refresh
        • Fixed headgear visibility for autotraders that were reloaded after a server restart.
        • Fixed issues related to Magic Immunity and Status Changes that mostly relate to the Golden Thief Bug Card effect



            Core Engines

        The very core of our emulator recieved lots of great improvements. Even though the most updates are not relevant for you as a player, we figured we should still share the improvements that you will actualy notice ingame.

        • Our server and client now support item IDs up to 2 billion. We can finally serve new content that was relying on new items, and deliver brand new gear and costumes.
        • Our engine now fully supports all Random Option variants for item drops. This is required to allow us to implement new items that drop with or without guaranteed random effect bonus values.
        • Fixed storage size of counting columns. Counters that went above 8,388,607 in value, failed to save. We're not aware of anyone reaching such high numbers just yet, but we're happy to have adressed it anyways.
        • Several changes to the database structure have been applied that improve our data consistency.
        • Further improved OnTouch NPC events to additionaly check for NPC range, interaction permissions and cloaking states. OnTouch events are pretty common and triggered throughout quests and instances.
        • Corrected mob warp check failing to determine validity of target map, if the monster is triggering an OnTouch event that's going to move the monster to a new map.
        • Improved enemy AI behavior in case there are no players left on a map. This prevents for example Pupa to metamorph into a fabre if a monster has been spotted already, but has then been left alone, as they will no longer cast idle skills on empty maps. They will also stop moving after a while. This helps to keep the immersion while saving server performance.
        • Fixed cases of monsters getting stuck when they lose sight of their target item that is looted by another monster.
        • Fixed issues related to NPC unitwalk commands, which under some circumstances blocked the NPC from properly moving.
        • Fixed database redundancies connected to guild and friends data. This fixes possible sprite errors and other data discrepancies when looking at guild information, guild members and your friends list. Also improves database performance when calling for guild or friends related information.
        • Added several missing pet egg checks to prevent eggs from losing their original state.
        • Fixed a possible crash if a single guild storage log reached too many entries.
        • Fixed a potential map server crash when non-player objects attempt to use Chain Lightning, Tetra Vortex, or Flash Combo and are killed during its duration.
        • Fixed crash when warping to an invalid instance.
        • Stability and performance updates.

        Script Engine

        • Added int64 support to our script engine. This is required because newer official features require support for bigger numbers in upcoming new content. This also cleans up a lot of messy code and fixes a few issues like script stack corruptions which were still present to this date. ( Best example are WoE treasure chests not spawning after our server has been up and running for >30 days straight. )
        • Corrected a script command to calculate a currently available free cell, a NPC could walk to.
        • Players can't walk, attack, use items, or use skills while a NPC triggered progress bar is active. ( For example the Sky Fortress instance utilizes this feature when opening chests )


        This major patch also includes the following changes:



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