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By Everade
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    Guild Storage - Item Loss

It has come to our attention that there was a critical issue, which possibly deleted some of your guild storage items.
We're deeply sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused, but we're here to help you!

To anyone who's affected, please reach out to us by creating a new Support Ticket.
Don't forget to tell us the affected Guild Name(s), and we will do our best to restore all lost items during our next maintenance.

How do you know if you're affected?
Only if the guild storage had stored more than 500 items,
and someone accessed the guild storage during the time frame between:
-> after the Major Update and before the latest Server Maintenance <-

If you haven't accessed the guild storage during this time frame, or you've never had stored more than 500 items right after the Major Update, then you're not affected.


    Bug Fixes

We've been busy fixing bugs, thanks to your reports since the Major Update took place.

  • Temporarily re-implemented the guild storage skill customization to allow up to 600 items in total for your guild storage.
    This solves further item loss for now, until we've found a final solution for the issue.
  • Temporarily added @gstorage command back to all players, since this change wasn't announced and slipped through our testing bench.
    We're planning to remove this player command eventualy, because the guild storage is mainly being abused as a personal storage.
    As such there are many guilds solely for the purpose of storage increase, not as an actual guild.
    We would like to prevent that and will follow up with a final solution later this year.
  • Fixed a map server crash that was related to our latest Emperium Breaker instance changes.
  • Fixed client crashes with a hotfix, that were related to a complex client customization to allow more hairstyles. Most custom hairtsyles are currently not available due to this fix, and we will follow up with a final solution at a later date.
  • Fixed client crashes with a hotfix, that although it might still display missing file errors, you'll now be able to continue playing.
    We're aware that some of our custom robes are currently not supported on some of the exotic and/or new classes, and are working on a patch.
  • Fixed the atiumdag.dll error that was haunting AMD video card owners since years. Although this crash still seems present on official servers due to delivering an outdated dbghelp.dll, we were able to fix the issue eventualy.
  • We've recieved a false positive (anti virus) report affecting specificaly our patching process for the major update. We've already reported the false positive to all known anti virus distributors and have been recieving positive feedback so far. Make sure your Windows Defender is fully up to date so it no longer triggers a false positive. Our full game download is not affected by this.
  • Increased the zoom-out possibilities with the new client just like before the major update.
  • Fixed Old Glast Heim instance creation for normal mode. It wasn't accessible before.
  • The Hypnotizer now re-applies your platinum skills after a skill reset. So you're not missing out on them after a reset.
  • Removed slots from some lower headgears that we've missed druing the Major Update.
  • Fixed Bronzering Card effect for Full Buster which didn't work on Rebellions.
  • Adjusted minimum base level requirement on all custom gear that was above lvl 99 down to lvl 99.
    This prevented 2nd classes from being able to wear lots of custom gear.
  • Fixed several custom equipment requirements which disallowed Kagerou/Oboro and Rebellion to wear them.
  • Fixed Chest of Ascended Crafting not rewarding the promised 10 pieces of Blacksmith's Blessing
  • Added the missing Battlegrounds Deserter Quest log entry, and adjusted its old ID to not overwrite a new official quest.
  • Fixed Stylist which didn't allow Summoner to access all available clothing colors.
  • Small improvements in the Infinite Space instance, to prevent warp portal generation errors when reaching level 50.
  • Fixed Octopus Cave issue which prevented players from entering the instance despite having the stick inside their inventory.
  • Several item description fixes.


    What's next?

While most major issues have already been fixed, we're still doing our best to keep up with your bug reports and support tickets.
That's our daily business and will continue as usual.

We've seen some concern surrounding the current PvP balance, especialy within the PvP Arena.
Please note that the basic PvP Arenas have no damage modifiers applied, as such you're feeling the full strength of your opponents.
Which means that, if you're not fully prepped against specific attacks, you're most likely going to die in a big blast.

WoE and Battlegrounds however feature global damage reduction mechanics. While it partly helps, it's still a big difference to what we've had before. Our community is currently discussing the overall survivability aspect of PvP, and we're keen to hear your feedback too.

It also opens the question if we're going to lift the healing item restriction for both WoE and BG. Which would make sense, considering that we're now following the official class balance. So let us know what you think.


Now with the reduced character HP, and some boss monsters recieving only 10% of your total damage, things have changed drasticaly.
We're aware that some instances or boss fights are possibly no longer as exciting as before, while others have become a real challenge.

Please let us know if you're having a blast, or if specific experiences are worse than before.
Just like with our PvP content, we're listening to your feedback.

Yet again, the lifting of healing item usage within instances might be a worthwhile discussion for our community.

Adventure Guild

Our daily quests have not recieved any rebalance just yet. We're aware that especially the taming item drop change has increased the hunting difficulty, and we're planning to adjust them.
However we're currently in front of another major monster item drop update, which will affect more than 17'000 item drops globaly.
This update will bring our monster drops up to date, based on official information.

Together with this upcoming update, we'll be taking a closer look at a full Adventure Guild re-balance.

Summer Event

Yes we're still going to have our annual summer event, which has been simply delayed!
We're currently focusing on bug fixes and will follow with the event shortly after.


Our website, forums and wiki faced lots of great changes during the course of the Major Update.
We will be sharing full patch notes when we've worked out some left-over bugs.


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

On 7/31/2021 at 8:24 AM, Madeleine said:

If we have 15 characters, we must pay 60'000'000 zeny to regain all of our platinum skills?

Why require a fee now?

The fee was always part of the reset.
The platinum skill addition is a fix, which shall prevent from platinum skill loss after a reset.

Naturaly you should never lose your plat skills now.

This only affects characters which used the skill reset feature during the time frame between the major update and this patch.

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