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Forum Overhaul

By Everade
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Category: Announcements

    Streamlined News

With our latest addition, you can now follow our latest News and Events more easily at one single place.
This update also includes better visual fidelity with toned background art and thumbnails.
While this is a great feature in itself, it has also been designed to improve our news delivery on the upcoming new patcher.

We now also have more artistic freedom when releasing our news, without the limitations of making it compatible with our legacy patcher window!

Old News and Events have been moved into our new archive.


    Support Ticket

Looking for help can be confusing, since we have such a vast amount of channels.
That's why we now have a dedicated support page which hopefuly helps to start on the right foot.
To improve the experience for our player base, and improve our efficiency, we now feature a ticketing system.
It shall help us to recieve required information from the very beginning, rather than asking for character names or other crucial information, which only delays the process.

The new ticketing system also replaces our Player Report forum!


    Bug Tracker

We're pleased to announce that we're back with a full-fledged Bug Tracker System.
This helps us to better track on current bugs, and give players better feedback on our progress.
The prepared report form also helps us to recieve important information from the get go.

Old Bug Reports have been moved into our new archive.



Even though our forum activity has decreased due to our Discord server, it's still a very important part of our website.
Several changes have been made to improve the information flow, visual clearance, performance and mobile support.
There are tons of smaller improvements as well such as; new sharing functions, category icons, text editor improvements, removal of the legacy rating system and much more.
More Great News: We have removed all advertisements from our website, so you can enjoy every content without the need of using an Ad Blocker.

We hope you enjoy these small and big improvements to our forums!



Yes, also our main website received several smaller improvements all over the place.
These minor changes took place during the course of updating all forum links and testing everything through.

Please Note:
The News and Event feed is still linking to our old news system, we're aware of that and will update it as soon as we've found a good solution to do so.


While we're at it:
Don't miss your chance to win great prizes!
Our Forum Guide Event awaits your knowledge to be shared!




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