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Bug Fixes

By Everade
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Category: Patch Notes


  • Fixed Rudra Bow HP/SP Recovery bonus to properly cap at max lvl 10 and increase only every second refinement level.
  • Fixed Turisus Runestone description.
  • Several Achievement rewards can now be sold to the NPC. In case you want to get rid of them.
  • Updated some achievement reward translations to get rid of scribbled item descriptions.


   Boss Treasures

  • This is another approach, trying to fix rare cases where players do not recieve their reward for both world bosses and other boss treasure chest drops.

    Please let us know if you're still experiencing issues.


   Thanatos Tower

  • Summoner can now properly interact with the 7th floor NPC.

    No Summoner left behind!


   VIP Storage

  • Fixed a bug that allowed to put more items into the VIP storage than intended.
    If you've managed to do so, make sure to take out items for invisible ones to pop up again.

    Note: None of your items went lost!


   Account Plus

  • Account Plus expire date is now displayed in the chat log upon login.


   Colorizer Quest

  • Fixed item naming in all NPC dialogues since the items have recieved a color name update in the past.
    White became Gray, and Gray became Brown. This is only a textual correction and doesn't change its looks.



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