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Big Changes Ahead

By Everade
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Almost a year has passed since we've ran an important survey and shared our future plans with you.
We're currently focused to get the this overhaul into your hands within the next 1-2months, and it's looking promising so far!

In case you've missed our planned core gameplay changes, please take a few minutes to read yourself into our "Going Forward" announcement.


    Quick Summary

As outlined in our "Going Forward" statement, GatheringRO is evolving into a low-rate leveling experience.
Please note that this upcoming patch will not touch any drastic item drop rates just yet, but we're flattening our dynamic drop rates. (We will most likely run another survey later this year to catch your thoughts and feedback)

Your characters, quests, items, achievements... everything will merge into the all new experience.
Your efforts will not go to waste!

The Normalization

  • Character Base-, Job-Level, Attributes, HP/SP and other custom tweaks are reverted to full official data. (Overall a level and stats reduction)
  • New Meta - All our custom skill balancings are fully reverted. We're going official, with a big load of official skill updates and overhauls.
  • Most official item and monster stats balancings (customizations) are being reverted to up-to-date official data.
  • Some of our custom items are re-balanced, and we will for sure follow up with further balancing updates. 

Job Improvement Projects

  • This upcoming patch includes lots of job improvements for most classes.
    Job improvements consists mainly out of skill removals, replacements, overhauls and tweaks and offer a fresh new class experience.
    The extensive patch notes will deliver you all the details you'll need upon release.

New Client

  • Shiny new skill effects for several 3rd class skills.
  • Refinement User Interface
  • Battlegrounds Queue Interface with new queue system
  • Several Quality of Life updates

New Content

  • Updated instances
  • New instances
  • New Quests, Monsters, Items
  • and more


Fixes Fixes Fixes

  • Fixes everywhere


This should outline the most important upcoming content, but there's much more.

If you're interested into our reasonings and more details, please read our full "Going Forward" statement.


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