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August Updates

By Everade
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Category: Patch Notes

    Reminder: Summer Event

Fishing Summer Event

Our summer event is about to come to an end, which includes the additional Fishing screenshot giveaway.

Don't miss your chance to catch something great until the 25th August!


    PvP Survivability

We're further reducing the total recieved damage in all player vs player areas, War of EmperiumBattlegrounds and PvP Arenas.
This should prevent most, if not all single shot kills, and give you the chance to react, as it increases the Time To Kill (TTK) for all classes.
We've also made further adjustments to the WoE reward system as we continue to monitor player results.


  • Implemented PvP Arena damage modifier system.
    PvP Arenas now better reflect the WoE and Battlegrounds experience which should be a welcome change to all PvP players ou there.
  • Adjusted the WoE, BG and PvP damage modifiers for longer TTK.
    • Short and Long Attack damage are now reduced by a total of -70% for incoming damage.
    • Weapon, Magic and Misc Skill attacks are now reduced by a total of  -90% for incoming damage.
  • Visual costumes are now also disabled on PvP and BG maps (not only WoE).


    WoE Times

The 2 hour time frame for our WoE sessions have clearly shown us that the main activity only takes place during the last hour.
As such, we're moving all WoE start times 1 hour up. We hope it supports shorter, but more action packed WoE sessions.
This will also shift the WoE rotation by +1 hour.


New WoE 1.0 Time Frames (UTC±0):

 Every Week  Wednesday Saturday
15:00 till 16:00 15:00 till 16:00

New WoE 2.0 Time Frames (UTC±0):

 Every Week  Tuesday Friday
14:00 till 15:00 14:00 till 15:00



    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed temporary skills not clearing from skill tree. [Bug Report#66]
  • Fixed @showcast to also trigger on ground type skills. [Bug Report#70]
  • Fixed wrong item restrictions which got lost in the major update database conversion process.
  • Fixed client crashes related to missing clothing colors for the new mounts. [Bug Report#94]
  • Fixed another issue in the Episode 16.2 quest line which prevented the Hiding Researcher to become visible.
  • Fixed an issue with autobonuses from gear not being triggered properly.
  • Fixed Sealed Randgris Card wrong trigger chance and wrong trigger criteria for casting Dispell.
  • Fixed Sealed Detale Card wrong trigger chance and now properly casts Land Protector on self instead of enemy.
  • Fixed Bijou Card set bonuses.
  • Fixed Costume Hatta Black head location.
  • Fixed Modify Str Boots and Academy Badge bonus effects.
  • Fixed several items that were supposed to be refineable now allow for refinements.
  • Fixed Costume Brilliant Golden Wings not being stored in the correct type section. [Bug Report#84]
  • Fixed RWC Headgear bonuses. [Bug Report#93]
    • Adds missing indestructible bonus
    • Adds missing fixed cast time reductions
    • Adds missing magical damage increase
    • Corrects physical damage increase
  • Fixed Malangdro Culvert and Octopus Cave Instance entry issues related to the new rental item versions. [Bug Report#98]
  • Fixed Warp Agent's warp location to the Heart Hunter War Base [Bug Report#89]
  • Fixed Infinite Space Trader NPC offerings. [Bug Report#95]
  • Fixed Costume Magician Hat Error [Bug Report#91]
  • Fixed a potential server crash cause when using certain commands.
  • Fixed a potential server crash cause for monsters with Attack Delay/Motion of 0ms.
  • Fixed an issue with players joining an active Battlegroungs mode. This prevents from tagging false deserting penalties.
  • Fixed Root of Corruption card effect now only applies to short-ranged physical attacks. [Bug Report#49]
  • Fixed item sell prices not calculated properly when defined twice in our database. This fixes issues related to our summer event fishes not having a sell value.
  • Corrected the Green Maiden monster spawn in Endless Tower. (ID1519 instead of ID1631)
  • Corrected several item descriptions. [Bug Report#104]
  • Corrected world boss names when spawned by the world events.
  • Added several missing refineable definitions for new gear.
  • Added missing Jitterbug Card set bonus.
  • Added missing Overbrand cooldown reduction bonus for the Imperial Glove set.
  • Added custom garment sprites for all new classes that were missing them. [Bug Report#83]
  • Fixed several sprite errors that have been reported to us since the major update.


    Skill Updates

  • Fixed a visual bug related to Soul Reaper's Spirits. Spirits now properly disappear when wearing off.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies with Summoner's Soul Attack skill implementation. Adds visual feedback and fixes [Bug Report#35]
  • Fixed Pressure not applying 3 consecutive hits per cast. [Bug Report#96]
  • Fixed Shadow Trampling not applying its effect on targets around the caster.
  • Elemental Converter is no longer removed when swapping weapons/shields.
  • Frost Nova will no longer damage targets who are standing on Land Protector.
  • Resolved Basilica from failing to work with other unit skills in the area.
  • Marionette Controll will no longer cast onto targets that are either Cursed or in Quagmire.
  • Comet is now a unit skill type and will now behave properly around Maya Card and other unit skill type interactions.
  • Updated the behavior of Stasis to block Songs, Ensembles, Choruses, and magic type skills.
  • Reduced Ray of Genesis cooldown from 3.5 to 2 seconds.
  • Adjusted the cooldown for Inspiration to match latest official updates of 30s + (30s * skillLv). This is an overall cooldown reduction on all skill levels.
  • Magnum Break no longer relies on the HP cost requirement.


    Item Updates

  • Updated Old Card Album content with many new cards.
  • Updated Old Blue Box content with new items.
  • Updated Old Purple Box content with new items.
  • Item Description improvements, fixes and new additions to missing ones.
  • Misc. item fixes and updates


     New Items & Monster Drop Rates

This patch includes major changes to monster drop chances which adds many new items to explore, but also mixes up the drop chances globaly. This is the largest item drop update we've ever had, for full details visit our website database.


  • Global monster item drop update.
    • Adds and removes many items from monsters. Please take use of our website database for up to date information.
    • Updates almost every item drop chance on every monster. (except balanced instances)
      Some have been lowered, some increased, others have been moved over to a different monster. 
    • Many card drop rates have been increased officialy, to adapt to these changes, we're lowering our card drop modifier, which brings our item drop rate globaly to x10. This means that card drop rates now range from 0.1% - 2% instead of all being at a fixed 1% chance. This creates a better rarity balance between weak and strong cards and shall also help balancing the current economy standpoint.
    • Updated Tomb of Honor item drops. Some drop chances have been slightly increased. Adds some new item drops to the boss monsters. Includes the new 23080.png Cursed Crystal which rewards you with a random amount of 23016.png Cursed Fragments.

Sidenote: We're currently looking into possible solutions for an Adventure Guild quest system rebalance.


    Command Updates

  • Updated @showcast / @showcastdelay to make them more user friendly.
    • Can now be toggled. So you don't have to re-use the command after every skill.
    • @showcast now shows used skill level and name.
  • @gstorage has been removed.
    • Guild Storage its purpose should be to mainly share items between guild members, not solely as a personal storage extension.
      The command removal shall be a step towards that goal. You can still access the guild storage by visiting the respective NPCs.


    Boss Monster Update

This was part of the major update but slipped through our patch notes, so here's a follow up to make things right. /sry

  • Many old, and/or weak MVP Bosses have recieved a green aura buff, indicating that they only take 10% of all incoming damage. This was part of an overall boss monster enhancement that also improves their reward drops with this patch.
  • We've released a client patch which applies the missing aura to all affected bosses. Full list of enhanced bosses.



    Malangdo Costume Enchants

1000014.pngCostume enchants are here! Visit Designer Heidam to get started.
We've added a wiki article to reflect all currently available enchants and box exchanges!

  • Designer Heidam - mal_in01,20,124
    The famous designer is willing to exchange your precious costumes into 22826.png Costume Enchant Boxes. These include powerful enchant stones that you can then apply to various costumes.
    Our wiki entry offers you a full overview on his exchange offerings so you always know which enchantment stone box you're going to get.
  • Aver De Dosh - mal_in01,22,113
    Our furry friend Aver De Dosh will be enchanting your most precious top/mid/lower costumes using your exchanged enchant stones that you've exchanged with Designer Heidam.
  • Lace La Zard - mal_in01,20,107
    Look deep into his dizzy eyes while he enchants a small selection of garments.
    The friendly frog will make your costume garments in any case worthwile.

    We also have a list of more than 190 enchant stones ready for you!



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Just imo tho, reduced 70% damage, maybe it works for class that deal huge damage as Gx or RK which can deal millions of damage, how about classes that already has low damage? If their damage reduced like 70%, isnt the class will be dead.

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Thanks for the updates!

Can we have a list of enchantable costumes on our wiki too?

So far, eligible costumes seem a bit random sometimes without echantable description, with red text description or designer Heidam desc.

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