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By Everade
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    Adventure Guild Update

Our Adventure Guild systems went through another major overhaul in its backend. This time around, we've made the big undertaking of disassembling all systems and coding them from scratch! The original design was just as end-game content, so it never properly scaled for beginners. Now with lower rates at your disposal, lower level characters aren't so rare any longer. So let us tell you why these Daily Quests are now more attractive to you than ever before.

Rewards & Scaling
The changes further detailed below, called for some proper reward scaling.
Our system now rewards you based on your current character level. This is a welcome change as it allowed us to also reward experience a long with Zeny and tickets.

You'll now additionaly recieve Base and Job Experience, for every completed quest.
The experience gained is partly random, but mainly scales based on your current base level of your character.

So the further you've progressed with your character, the bigger the Zeny and EXP rewards.

Monster Hunts
Monster quests are still hand-picked by us, however this time around we automatically create monster pools based on them.
Each time our server fires up, the algorithm creates difficulty pools of monster hunts, so we can offer a variety of random generated quests that fit your current character level. We've also enlarged the existing monster pool with many new additions.


  • A base level 20 character will recieve random generated quests from the lowest tier monster pool.
  • A base level 40 character will unlock the next difficulty pool. Monsters ranging lvl 20-40 are possible.
  • A base level 100 character may recieve monster quests ranging from level 40 - 100
  • A base level 140 character may recieve monster quests ranging from level 80 - 140

Monster Hunts are no longer account, but character based. That means that if you login with your character base level 200, you will get a different quest assigned than your second character that's currently base level 100.

In case there's an annoying quest that you don't want to complete, maybe try logging in with a different character instead?!
Please note, that this new system also supports reward scaling as mentioned before, which means that your lower level characters will recieve both, less zeny and experience when completing a quest. Eitherway, there are more options available at your disposal.


Monster Taming
The biggest player request since our major update was that we address the increased difficulty of taming monsters. We absolutely agreed with the bad situation and started figuring out new ways to solve the problem.

We've added new monsters to the possible taming pool, to offer more variety to this type of quest generation.
The rare case of getting an additional taming request has been removed.


Luria, the new NPC standing right next to the Adventure Guild building is now selling tamings items in her limited supply shop.

In exchange for Zeny, you can now buy a handful of taming items for the specific monster you're trying to tame. However she has a limited stock, so in case a specific item is sold out, you'll have to wait for the next day before she gets a new delivery.

Her prices and quantity are mostly based on the item rarity and monster taming difficulty.

Since the limited stock could face balancing issues, we will monitor her stock and possibly re-balance it in the future.
The high drop rate of the Well Dried Bone from Skoll Baby has been reduced accordingly to match other taming items.

Head Hunts
This brand new quest type has been integrated to help in multiple ways. Our new algorithm generates a random NPC (criminal) that you will have to find in certain cities. It's easy accessable for any character level, can be finished fairly quickly, easens up C/B/A quest types and offers new variety to the daily activity.

Each 5th quest of either C, B or A Quest types have been replaced with a Head Hunt.
This means you only have to do 4 Monster Hunts, then you get a Head Hunt. Which follows with 4 Taming Quests before you get another Head Hunt. Continued with 4 Item Supplies and a final Head Hunt before reaching Rank S.


These are criminals which are bringing citizens in danger as they stroll through the streets. It is your job to locate a single individual so you can call a Guardian that will put him/her behind bars. This will all happen automatically as soon as you walk close enough to the criminal.

A criminal's gender, looks, name, as well as their location and reaction will be different each time you encounter them, so don't get used to how they look. It's also possible that you encounter a criminal that's currently being hunted by someone else. So make sure you find the one you've been asked for.

A criminal is able to escape after a certain amount of time, in which case you will have to go back to the Adventure Guild and ask for a new quest. So make sure you catch them before they get away!


QoL Improvements
While most improvements went unseen in our backend, there are also improvements that you may want to know about.
We've improved Falmira's conversation flow, to better inform you about your current daily progress. So now you can easily tell how many quests you'll have to complete before you rank up to the next stage.

Many other textual improvements throughout the Adventure Guild took place. As well as a bug fix which triggered an error each time a new player entered the building for the first time, because quests weren't yet generated. This fixes a small Event display issue that went unnoticed for players until this day.

We think that these improvements help to lower the barrier for beginners and oldies alike.
The Adventure Guild has become a great choice for new players, who're trying to level up their characters while being rewarded accordingly. While the new quest type offers new variety and less time spent on your daily tasks.

While we've been experimenting a lot with more improvements that involved the item supply and boss hunt quests, we didn't find the right spot that felt feasible for an implementation. That might be up for discussion for a future update.

So beginners should be easily able to start off with the smallest goal being Monster Hunting quests, then fighting their way up to the top as they get stronger.

Let us know what you think about these latest changes.


    Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed reward chest "not eligible" bug when you've been attacking the boss with a mercenary, pet or homunculi before attacking it yourself. [Report #130] [Report#126] [Report#118]
  • Fixed a crash during the Poi Poi headgear quest due to displaying corrupt image data. [Bug Report #123]
  • Updated monster database with official attack strength values. This mainly affects monsters from instances.
  • Updated pet database with official values. This affects man stats, from race, element, speed, delays, hp and more.
  • Improved Blessed Valkyire Helm Quest respawn location after you return from your dream.
  • Added misc. City Guards throughout Althea. Simply to protect our lovely citizens.
  • The Skill Reset NPC now restores your Platinum Skills when initialy talking to the NPC without spending any zeny on the services.
    This should help a handful of players that logged in during the first day of the Major Update went live.
  • Refactored quests that utilized the OnNPCKill Event. These events triggered each time a monster has been killed globaly! This adds a lot of overhead of the server as it's simply a bad choice to do in any case. Since these quests relied heavily on this part, we had to restructure the quests accordingly. This brings us a big performance gain when many monsters are killed at once, while also fixing issues related to some monster kills not being tracked properly when too many events were running at once.
    - Geographer Decoration Quest now requires you to wear an ugly hairband to get monsters to poop.
    - Tiara Samambaia Quest now utilizes the quest log system to track monster kills.
    - Baby Chick Quest now asks you to wear both the nest and holy egg. You now need to gather enough Love Clovers for it to be able to hatch.


    Cash Shop

  • During the entire Wintersday Season we package an extra +20% Cash Points on top of every Cash Point purchase. The total cash point amount you'll recieve can be reviewed on PayPal before confirmation.
  • The Limited Time section currently features some deluxe items that have a -20% price advantage.
  • We've added brand new Wintersday themed costumes to the shop.
    31923.png Costume Baby Polar Bear
    31620.png Costume Magic Successor
    20593.png Costume Ice Wings
  • 62007.png Wintersday Surprise features brand new, Wintersday exclusive Costumes.
    Checkout the full preview list further below!
  • Updated Name Change Contract to utilize official name changing system.
    Now after you've used the consumable a "Add-Ons" overlay will be displayed in the Character Selection of the specific char the item has been used with. Simply right-click the character, which will then show your the "Rename" option. If multiple Name Change Contracts are used on a single character, you will be able to rename this character multiple times accordingly to the amount of Contracts used.


    Wintersday Surprise

Our annual 62007.png Wintersday Surprise has been filled with many new Wintersday Exclusives!
It includes 1 random themed costume from the list below.
Has a 20% chance to contain an additional consumable or Wintersday themed headgear.

You can get these precious gifts from in-game activies, or purchase them in our cash shop.
Visit our Winter Promotion website from more details.


~ Common ~



~ Uncommon ~




~ Rare ~




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