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Although the nights are long and dark, folks all over Althea are in good cheer - Our holiday festival is now live!

~ Visit our dedicated Winter Promotion Page for a detailed season overview ~


    Event 01 - Bonus Cash Points

During the entire Wintersday Season we package an extra +20% Cash Points on top of every Cash Point purchase. The total cash point amount you'll recieve can be reviewed on PayPal before confirmation.


    Event 02 - PvP Bonus Rewards

Earn bonus currency rewards in both Battlegrounds and War of Emperium!

Play your favorite battleground and recieve +50% Heroism Badges in your favorite modes.
WoE events attended during the Wintersday season will accommodate an additional +20% Emperium Fragments.


    Event 03 - GRO Gift Boxes

Starting today until the 31th December you've got the chance to win GRO Gift Boxes from several different activities.
You can earn up to a total of 50 Gift Boxes which contain valuable consumables or wintersday exclusive costumes!


    Event 04 - Santa Letter Event

Santa's is preparing a pile of presents for the most original artists and writers.
This forum exclusive event will start at the 10th of December.

More details will follow, so stay tuned.


    Bonus - Gods Smelting

The Gods Smelting represents the event bonuses mentioned in our Refinement Chance tables of our wiki.
This is the time to take out your best gear, some refinement material and take use of your best possible chances during the year.


    Wintersday Quests

Santa and his little helpers showed up all around midgard awaiting your help in exchange for headgears and consumable gifts.
For more details on all the available quests, visit our annual Wintersday page.


    Adventure Guild - Update

Our Adventure Guild has recieved a major overhaul and now supports better scaling based on your current level.
We've also added a new limited supply Taming Shop right outside of the Adventure Guild building to help you on your taming quests.

Full details will follow soon. ~enjoy


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