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Summer Event

By Everade
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Fishing Summer Event

Summer has arrived in Rune-Midgard, and what better way to beat the heat than by heading down to the water for some good ol' fashioned fishin' fun? The waters all across the land are absolutely rippling with aquatic activity, so what are you waiting for? Grab your fishing rod, bring your friends and let's go!

You don't have a fishing rod?!
We'll have to fix that real quick!


    How To Start

Head on over to Althea, by the pond, and talk to the Giant Spirit Aegir.
If you give him the money he needs, he'll fix you up a rod of your choice, including some bait.

He's one of the most experienced fishers out there, so make sure to listen to the old mans tips and tricks!
Once you've catched enough big fish, return to Aegir with your top catches to redeem his families' gear!


Fishing Summer Event

TIP: Higher quality rods will make it easier for you to catch different variants of fish and goodies, so it's good to have some variety!
They give you different advantages, just like your Lure & Bait, which help beginners to find their way around certain obstacles.

It's possible to unlock even better rods if you get lucky. Talk to Aegir to get further details, tips & tricks on how to go around with your fishing equipment. One of the 2 highest tier rods is available in our token shop in exchange for gRO Tokens.



    Fishing Spots

Equip your fishing rod and fish your way around Rune-Midgard!
There are fishing spots all over the world, all labelled as Fishing Spot.

Once you see ripples in the water, click on it to start fishin'! Choose your rod, your bait, and cast away!

Areas/towns/fields/dungeons which are nearby, share a total fauna/rewards population with each other!
So if you're feeling unlucky or your friends took out the biggest catches, it might be time to change the area.
This will give the fishes time to re-populate over time, so you can come back later.

Fishing Summer Event

TIP: Enable sound effects to find hidden fishing spots. It also helps you additionaly for faster reaction speeds.
It is also recommended to switch your fishing areas after an extensive fishing session, as the fish population will decrease and needs to replenish.



    Lure & Bait

As mentioned above, you can obtain rods from Aegir, but he also sells some basic lure and living bait.
Based on your choice, the lure/bait may increase your chances of catching Rare Fish by increasing your initial reaction and fight time.

You can certainly fish with the basic lure and rods only, but it won't be easy to catch anything rare that way!
Certain caught fishes may be perfect as a new and bigger bait, which will further help you to catch something even bigger.

There are truly rare encounters in Midgard's seas, so make sure you can catch them!

Fishing BaitFishing BaitFishing BaitFishing BaitFishing LureFishing Bait

TIP: Take a close look at everything that you're catching.
You never know what you're going to catch, but using better lure and bait will help you to succeed.

If you're struggling with harder catches, swap your rod and lure to compensate for your skill.



    Fishes / Sea Animals

There's a huge variety of fishes, trash and other shiny things which you may encounter. But be careful... monsters might be hungry for some more than just a little bait. Some fish types, monsters or other loot might be more rare, depending on your fishing area.

For instance a fishing spot within a dungeon has higher chances for a boss monster to appear, while fields offer a bigger fish population, and towns have an increased amount of trash or gear due to its citizens. There's lots of variety throughout the lands that you can explore!

Rare FishRare FishRare FishRare FishRare FishRare Fish

TIP: Some fish can steal your basic rods and bait even though you have been successful. Upgrading to an advanced rod can help to prevent that.
Some sea animals have swallowed precious treasure for you take out of them.

The faster you have to react, and the faster the fishing action bar is moving, the bigger/better the fish/catch! If you can't hold onto the harder ones, make sure to swap to a better rod and bait combo.



    More Rewards

There's a big variety of rewards which you can get your slippery hands on.
As mentioned already, Aegir exchanges big fish for his personal gear.

His wife, Ran the Water Spirit is seeking for her lost daughters.
She's claiming that they might appear as weird looking fishes to you.
Return them to Ran, and she will greatly reward you with 17497.png Seaside Eggs from the cash shop!

Fishing Summer Event

TIP: Ran rewards you with an additional Summer Costume #2 if you can help her to return all of her 9 lost daughters!
The sea & ponds are full with all kinds of treasures to find, so keep on fishin'!

Summer Costume #2



    Seaside Egg

The summer exclusive 17497.png Seaside Egg that's currently available in our cash shop will reward one costume randomly.
Each Seaside Egg will also rewards consumables which range from a variety of character buffs, Bloody Dead Branches, Guaranteed Refinement Tickets, Premium Packages, a Sealed Card Album or a rare Fiberglass Fishing Rod and more.


Common Rewards
Uncommon Rewards

Rare Rewards


Summer Costume #1
Very Rare



    Fishing Screenshots

Share your fishing experience with the community!
Don't forget to tell us your ingame character name and show us your favourite fishing spot, catch or experience.

The most innovative fishing themed screenshots will be rewarded with some extra 17497.png Seaside Eggs!

Get creative, and tell us your story with an image ~
[ Submit your entry as a comment down below ]

"Grant me the serenity to accept the size of the fish i catch, the courage not to lie about it, and the wisdom to know that none of my fishing buddies would believe me anway."


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Heya, it's Gabriela Wodemeiren.  Fishing has always been one of my favorite adventures growing up.  Since I can't go fishing IRL due to all the smokes from all the wildfires it's just as exciting to get that first nibble in game.  Sometimes I would find myself staring intently at the water for an hour or so and then wonder WTF have I been doing?!? 




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Hello, Z 0 0 M here,hope u guys let ur thoughts fall and enjoy the fishing event as i do :-)


don’t let the piranyas bite you !!!



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The boys and I heard this was a mighty fine fishing spot, so we went here and caught ourselves a haul like it's no big deal. We straight up chillin' and reelin' /gg

IGN: Ninomi


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Summer has always been Tchalla's favorite season! Although it's a bit hot and humid in Althea these days, but Tchalla enjoyed whenever there are a lot of fishes to eat~ Last year, Tchalla went fishing 24/7 throughout the summer with his sister, Garlic. This year, sister Garlic is a bit busy so she can't accompany Tchalla to hunt for more fishes (or buwaya) anymore :(


But Tchalla is overwhelmed with his two new friends, Gabriela Wodemeiren and Mr Dig Bick which he just met in the Althea pond today! Here is a picture of them fishing together~



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Thank you for your participation.
Seaside Egg rewards have been handed out to your inventories, in case you've won. /grat

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