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Shadow's Eve

By Everade
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Shadow Eve Event

It's time to gather for mischief and mayhem during this year's Shadow's Eve!
Our anual events have returned and shine with spooky rewards for you to unlock.


    Spooky Machine

A Spooky Machine can be found in front of the Adventure Guild.
Interact with the machine to recieve a Cracked Buckler shield. Equip the shield and interact with it once more.


It will attempt to upgrade your Cracked Buckler as high as it possibly can until it breaks.
Depending on which upgrade level the item breaks, you will get a prize in return! If the buckler is upgraded to +10 or higher you'll get a 62149.pngShadow's Eve Egg which includes a mystery costume and a chance for more!

This event can be played once per day.


    Spooky Cash Shop


Unlock halloween themed costumes that have been packed into the updated 62149.pngShadow's Eve Egg!
We've also added annual wing costumes into the cash shop that fit the theme. Go grab them while they're still available!

Our pet costume roaster has also recieved a new addition:
Costume Fox Dollimage.png

Refining Items are currently on sale (-20%) in the Limited Time section only!


    Scatleton & Skelion Cute Pet

There's a small chance to get one exclusive Pet (Item Icon Scatleton or 9113.png Skelion Pet) randomly out of a 62149.pngShadow's Eve Egg.
Their favorite food 579.pngFresh Fish and 11616.pngYummy Meat can both be purchased with regular zeny in Althea's pet shop throughout the year.

scatleton.gif    Scatleton Pet Preview

skelion.gif    Skelion Pet Preview



    Shadow Quests

When the leaves start falling, our annual Event has started, including all of our previous Halloween Event quests.
You can repeat each one of them, even if you've finished them during the past years! Grab exclusive headgears a long the way.

Annual Halloween Quests



    Shadow's Eve Invasion

Shadows are upon us! They've risen from the deepest darkness and are attacking Althea's citizens!
The invasion takes place in Althea and has a bigger chance to trigger automatically (every hour) than our common invasions.


Invasion takes place within the boundaries of the orange marked area.

Take part in this years Shadow's Eve invasion led by Shadow's Kiel and get the chance to get your hands on a rare 6658.pngHalloween Coin dropped by the special Ghostring only!

Make sure you activate the command @aloot item 6658 before participating in the invasion or you might miss the Coin.

Our Event Staff Laura will exchange each 6658.pngHalloween Coin for a 62149.pngShadow's Eve Egg!


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