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Dear Santa

By Everade
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    Our Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Our community has been nice and kind to each other throughout the entire year!
I know you're busy handing out presents in Althea already, but I hope you can fullfill some players wishes once again!

Merry Wintersday Santa!

Every player will either create a piece of art, or write a letter to you.
Additionaly they'll mentioning their Ingame-Name, their costume-wish and why they desire it so much.
They have to be creative just like you!

Sincerely Yours,




    Santa's Answer

Dear Everade,

Merry Wintersday to you as well! I would be honored to help your team spread the Wintersday cheer! I'm a very busy old man, so the 10th of January will be the day to handout those precious gifts. Gives me a time to relax a little and more time to take a closer look at all the art pieces and reading all these wonderful letters after all that flyin around!

That said though there are a few rules to follow.

  • Only Costumes are allowed to be wished for
  • The Costume shall not have any power
  • The Costume must already have been available in the past
  • Only one wish per person
  • Give me something unique to read or to look at, i love letters, but only originals!

I wish you all a Merry Wintersday!




    Reward Details

Write your letter to Santa and he might bring you an awesome Christmas Gift!
Remember that you can only wish for costumes which have already been available before and shall not have any power.

Be as creative as you can in either your original art piece or letter, Santa will appreciate it.


  • Santa will reward up to 3 players who wrote a letter.
    One for the most creative letter to Santa, the other 2 winners will be determined using a random generator.
  • Santa will also reward up to 3 Original Art pieces based on its original design and creativity.

Merry Wintersday!



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Dear Santa, i wish u and ur elves a merry chrismas ! Hope u and ur elves are ready for the Hollydays.

i just wanted to let u know  that i was a very brave kid this year ,i helped other people and my parents alot :-)

i even cleaned my room by my self with out the help of my parents^^,even my hamster looks very healthy since i was very lovely to him this year ^^ so i hope u seen the hole year what a brave kid i am .

i hope i was brave enought to wish me a gift from u ,its nutting big just a costume i was looking a long time for   #31568: Costume Floating Ball hope u can do me this favorit Santa.

Merry Chrismas 


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Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas!Hope you are having a nice day.I have been a very good boy this year.I help mother feed pet almost every day.I have been a great brother to my family.I'm trying to be responsible person.I hope I'm on the nice list.

I've been waiting a long time to write you this letter and I really have been trying hard to be nice all year!Now,I'm looking forward to christmas and New Year's.

I want to tell you what I'd like for christmas...I'd really like it if you could bring me these thing:

costume ice wings # 20593

Thank you Santa.


Mr X

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year^^/lv


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Ho ho ho!

All the nice boys and girls who sent me a creative letter shall take a look into their mailbox!
I appreciate your efforts, which shall be rewarded just as promised!

Wish ya' all the best my lovely children!

Merry Wintersday ~



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