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    Shadow's Eve

    It's time to gather for mischief and mayhem during this year's Shadow's Eve!
    Our anual events have returned and shines with new rewards for you to unlock.
        Spooky Machine
    The Spooky Machine can be found in front of the Adventure Guild.
    Interact with the machine to recieve a Cracked Buckler shield. Equip the shield and interact with it once more.

    It will attempt to upgrade your Cracked Buckler as high as it possibly can until it breaks.
    Depending on which upgrade level the item breaks, you will get a prize in return! If the buckler is upgraded to +10 or higher you'll get a Shadow's Eve Egg which includes a mystery costume and a chance for more!
    This event can be played once per day.
        Spooky Cash Shop

    Unlock brand new costumes that have been packed into the updated Shadow's Eve Egg!
    We've also added annual wing costumes that fit the theme. Go grab them while they're still available!
    Our pet costume roaster has also recieved new additions and is now featuring a total of 8 cute costume pets.
        Scatleton & Skelion Cute Pet
    There's a small chance to get one exclusive Pet ( Scatleton or  Skelion Pet) randomly out of a Shadow's Eve Egg.
    Their favorite food Fresh Fish and Yummy Meat can both be purchased with regular zeny in Althea's pet shop throughout the year.


        Shadow Quests
    When the leaves start falling, our annual Event has started, including all of our previous Halloween Event quests.
    You can repeat each one of them, even if you've finished them during the past years!

        Shadow's Eve Invasion
    Shadows are upon us! They've risen from the deepest darkness and are attacking Althea's citizens!
    The invasion takes place in Althea and has a bigger chance to trigger automatically (every hour) than our common invasions.

    Invasion takes place within the boundaries of the orange marked area.

    Take part in this years Shadow's Eve invasion led by Shadow's Kiel and get the chance to get your hands on a rare Halloween Coin dropped by the special Ghostring only!
    Make sure you activate the command @aloot item 6658 before participating in the invasion.

    Our Event Staff Laura will exchange each Halloween Coin for a Shadow's Eve Egg!

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    Summer Event

    Summer has arrived in Midgard, and what better way to beat the heat than by heading down to the water for some good ol' fashioned fishin' fun? The waters all across the land are absolutely rippling with aquatic activity, so what are you waiting for? Grab your fishing rod, bring your friends and let's go!
    You don't have a fishing rod?!
    We'll have to fix that real quick!
        How To Start
    Head on over to Althea, by the pond, and talk to the Giant Spirit Aegir.
    If you give him the money he needs, he'll fix you up a rod of your choice, including some bait.
    Return to Aegir with your best catches to redeem his personal gear!

    PRO TIP: Higher quality rods will make it easier for you to catch different variants of fish and goodies, so it's good to have some variety!
    They give you different advantages, just like your Lure & Bait, which help beginners to find their way around certain obstacles.
    It's possible to unlock even better rods if you get lucky. Talk to Aegir to get further details, tips & tricks on how to go around with your fishing equipment. One of the 2 highest tier rods is available in our token shop in exchange for gRO Tokens.
        Fishing Spots
    Equip your fishing rod and fish your way around Rune-Midgard!
    There are fishing spots all over the world, all labelled as Fishing Spot.
    Once you see ripples in the water, click on it to start fishin'! Choose your rod, your bait, and cast away!

    PRO TIP: Enable sound effects to find fishing spots. It also helps you additionaly for faster reaction speeds.
    It is also recommended to switch your fishing areas after an extensive fishing session, as the fish population will decrease and needs to replenish.
    Areas/towns/fields/dungeons which are nearby share a total population with each other! So make sure you travel far enough before continuing your fishing session.
        Lure & Bait
    As mentioned above, you can obtain rods from Aegir, but he also sells some basic lure and living bait.
    Based on your choice, the lure/bait may increase your chances of catching Rare Fish by increasing your initial reaction and fight time.
    You can certainly fish with the basic lure and rods only, but it won't be easy to catch anything rare that way!
    Certain caught fishes may be perfect as a new and bigger bait, which will further help you to catch something even bigger.

    PRO TIP: Take a close look at everything that you're catching.
    You never know what you're going to catch, but using better lure and bait will help you to succeed.
    If you're struggling with harder catches, swap your rod and lure to compensate for your skill.
        Fishes / Sea Animals
    There's a huge variety of fishes, trash and other shiny things which you may encounter. But be careful... monsters might be hungry for some more than just a little bait. Some fish types, monsters or other loot might be more rare, depending on your fishing area. For instance a fishing spot within a dungeon might have a higher chance for a boss monster to appear than if you're fishing in a town. Follow your natural instincts!

    PRO TIP: Some fish can steal your basic rods and bait even though you have been successful. Upgrading to an advanced rod can help to prevent that.
    Some sea animals have swallowed precious treasure for you take out of them.
    The faster you have to react, and the faster the fishing action bar is moving, the bigger/better the fish/catch! If you can't hold onto the harder ones, make sure to swap to a better rod and bait combo.
        More Rewards
    There's a big variety of rewards which you can get your slippery hands on.
    As mentioned already, Aegir exchanges big fish for his personal gear.

    His wife, Ran the Water Spirit is seeking for her lost daughters.
    She's claiming that they might appear as weird looking fishes to you.
    Return them to Ran, and she will greatly reward you with Blue Sea Eggs from the cash shop.

    PRO TIP: Ran rewards you with an additional Exotic Exclusive if you can help her to return all of her 9 lost daughters!
    The sea & ponds are full with all kinds of treasures to find, so keep on fishin'!
        Fishing Screenshots
    Share your fishing experience with the community!
    Don't forget to tell us your ingame character name and show us your favourite fishing spot & catch.
    The 3 most innovative fishing themed screenshots will be rewarded with some extra Blue Sea Eggs!

    Get creative, and tell us your story with an image ~
    ~ [ Submit your entry as a comment down below ]
    "Grant me the serenity to accept the size of the fish i catch, the courage not to lie about it, and the wisdom to know that none of my fishing buddies would believe me anway."

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    Guide Event

    Dear GatheringRO players,
    let's support each other with some new and updated guides by introducing the unique forum event Write-A-Guide!
    This event has officialy started and will last until the 30th of June. Every new guide that is written within that period of time or every guide that receives a major overhaul by its author will automatically be registered for this event.

    The main criterion for this event is QUALITY & DETAILED INFORMATION.

    Writing multiple guides that lack in quality will not improve your chances to be among the winners. The more effort you put into this, the higher the chances we will not let your efforts go to waste. If you want your old guide to be considered, you will have to do some major edits (e.g. if it currently lacks pictures, add those, go further into detail etc.).
    However that doesn't mean that cluttering your guide with tons of random images will improve its quality.
    Sometimes less is more, so make sure you create a clean guide everyone is able to pick up with ease.
    We prefer original guides for our Custom GatheringRO Features or Class Guides as this will help newbies and oldies find their way around GatheringRO.

    You can also write your own version of guides that already exist but which heavily lack in up-to-dateness (again, make sure the effort you put into it is visible). Keep in mind that in order to qualify guides have to be written in reasonable English and they have to contain high quality images.

    Lastly, we want to show you that we appreciate your recent guides. That's why we decided to also consider recent guides that are not older than 2 months for this event. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There can be multiple winners. Prizes are intentionally set very high as each entry requires a lot of effort and contributes greatly to the community. We will choose 1 guide from among the winners which will receive Cash Points as an additional prize, and a 2nd and 3rd prize for an additional Account Plus egg.

    Prizes for every winner:
    1x GatheringRO Surprise Box
    2x Surprise Box (15-20 Tokens)
    1x Chest of Loyalty
    1x Exclusive Costume Golden Question Mark (Equip Location: Upper Head)

    Additional Prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best guide:
    1xAccount Plus for 1 Month

    Additional Prize for the best guide:
    1x 2000 Cash Points

    Date: 2020.05.21 - 2020.06.30 How to participate: Write a new guide or (significantly) update an old guide of yours Criteria: Quality, up-to-dateness, English (punctuation, grammar etc.), Images Prizes: All winners get the prizes listed above, the best guides win additional prizes
      Uploading Images:
    We prefer images being uploaded to our forums rather than using external image hosting services.
    This ensures that they don't get lost over the years!
    It's a simple drag&drop upload system, super fast to use and can be used for free.
    It also helps us to keep your effort for the longest period of time possible.

    Thank you

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