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    Easter Hunt

    The hunting season has started! Hunt for fresh Yolk to feed the hungry Wolf and help the Huntress in need.
        The Huntress in Need
    A young huntress is offering goods in exchange for your healthy arms and time.
    Go hunting and bring her those precious cards that she's asking for.

    Who could say no to a beauty in need?
    Meet her North-West in Althea.

        The Hungry Wolf
    The Althea citizen James and his weird Wolf are lurking around on the north field of Althea.
    But beware of the wolf! He's extremely hungry and bites anything that gets just close enough for him to reach.

    James offers you a variety of easter themed rewards in exchange for some Easter Egg Yolk so he can feed his hungry wolf.
    You might find some well hidden Easter Eggs around all the fields of Althea.

    Easter themed costumes have a small chance to come out of these Easter Egg rewards you can exchange for Yolk.
    Higher rarity costumes will come out of the more expensive eggs.

        Cash Points Bonus
    Get a +20% Cash Points bonus on every purchase!
    The image-buttons on the cash shop page show the original price, which means you get 20% on top of that.
    The total cash points including the bonus will be shown during the PayPal process before confirming the purchase.
    We've also added easter exclusive costumes to the shop, including a Hunter's Egg for your chance to obtain more costumes.
    It includes all costumes that can possibly be obtained from the Hungry Wolf event ingame and some more.

    Easter Event Duration 04th - 30th April.
     Happy Hunting!

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    Sweet Valentine

    This lovely season spreads sweets and love for your beloved ones.
    Watchout for Cupid emptying his quiver upon you!
        Sweet Cash Shop
    Looking for a great Valentine's Gift?
    We've updated our cash shop with a brand new Valentine's Egg that features lovely new costumes (details below).
    The Valentine's Egg  is yours to keep or share with your beloved ones and comes with brand new costumes.

    A long with older fan favorites, we've added an all new "Wings of Love" to our store front.
    Only available during the season of love!

        Valentine's Egg Content
    The Valentine's Egg  is available in our ingame cash shop.
    Each Valentine's Egg will reward you with 1 randomly picked Valentine's themed costume.
    Bonus Drop:
    Each Valentine's Egg has a small chance to reward you with a unique Blue Unicorn Pet!
    It eats Star Powder that you can purchase throughout the year from the pet merchant in Althea.

    Costume List:

        Quest: The Original
    Heart Island, the most romantic place in Jawaii. Meet the original Cupid to listen to his miracles. He may have a few gears hidden in his quiver.
        Quest: Cupid the 2nd
    He's in need of supplies to spread any further love in Midgard. This is your chance to ask him for a Romantic Gent or Valentines Topper. He's known to hangout at lonely places, somewhere near the Goldring field.
        Quest: Pinkamenias Returning
    The lovely Pinkamenia in Moscovia is in need of Love Flowers again. (mosk_in,21,246)
    But first you may have to help the extraordinary baker to get one of Pinkamenias rewards.
     We wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day!

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    16th Anniversary

    GatheringRO's birthday is just around the corner!
    On February 15th, Gathering Ragnarok Online turns 16!
    That's why during the entire month of february we're returning with our annual Legend of the four Lords quest line!

        Legend of the four Lords
    Discover the legend of the four Lords, ancient leaders who ones vowed to protect our lands.
    This time limited event comes with several event exclusive rewards for you to unlock!
    [Visit our dedicated event page]

        Event Rewards
    Our anniversary events allows you to unlock the following costumes and/or exclusive pets!


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    Dear Santa

    Our Letter to Santa
    Dear Santa,
    Our community has been nice and kind to each other throughout the entire year!
    I know you're busy handing out presents in Althea already, but I hope you can fullfill some players wishes once again!

    Merry Wintersday Santa!

    Every player will either create a piece of art, or write a letter to you.
    Additionaly they'll mentioning their Ingame-Name, their costume-wish and why they desire it so much.
    They have to be creative just like you!

    Sincerely Yours,
        Santa's Answer
    Dear Everade,
    Merry Wintersday to you as well! I would be honored to help your team spread the Wintersday cheer! I'm a very busy old man, so the 10th of January will be the day to handout those precious gifts. Gives me a time to relax a little and more time to take a closer look at all the art pieces and reading all these wonderful letters after all that flyin around!
    That said though there are a few rules to follow.
    Only Costumes are allowed to be wished for The Costume shall not have any power The Costume must already have been available in the past Only one wish per person Give me something unique to read or to look at, i love letters, but only originals! I wish you all a Merry Wintersday!


        Reward Details
    Write your letter to Santa and he might bring you an awesome Christmas Gift!
    Remember that you can only wish for costumes which have already been available before and shall not have any power.
    Be as creative as you can in either your original art piece or letter, Santa will appreciate it.
    Santa will reward up to 3 players who wrote a letter.
    One for the most creative letter to Santa, the other 2 winners will be determined using a random generator.
      Santa will also reward up to 3 Original Art pieces based on its original design and creativity.
      Merry Wintersday!

        Cash Shop Update
    We've added a new Wintersday Surprise Box to the cash shop which has also a small chance to be included in the GRO Gift Box that's being rewarded throughout our Wintersday Event.
    Wintersday Surprise Box
    It includes 1 out of 46 Wintersday themed costumes.
    Has a 20% chance to contain an additional consumable or Wintersday themed headgear.



    Although the nights are long and dark, folks all over Althea are in good cheer - Our holiday festival is now live!
    Visit our dedicated Winter Promotion Page for a detailed season overview.
        Event 01 - Bonus Cash Points
    During the entire Wintersday Season we package an extra +20% Cash Points on top of every Cash Point purchase. The total cash point amount you'll recieve can be reviewed on PayPal before confirmation.

        Event 02 - PvP Bonus Rewards
    Earn bonus currency rewards in both Battlegrounds and War of Emperium!
    Play your favorite battleground and recieve +50% heroism badges in your favorite modes.
    WoE events attended during the Wintersday season will accommodate an additional +20% Emperium Fragments.

        Event 03 - GRO Gift Boxes
    Starting today until the 31th December you've got the chance to win GRO Gift Boxes from several different activities.
    You can earn up to 50 Gift Boxes which contain valuable consumables or wintersday exclusive costumes!

        Event 04 - Santa Letter Event
    Santa's is preparing a pile of presents for the most original artists and writers.
    This forum exclusive event will start at the 10th of December.
    More details will follow.

        Bonus - Gods Smelting
    The Gods Smelting represents the event bonuses mentioned in our Refinement Chance tables of our wiki.
    This is the time to take out your best gear, some refinement material and take use of your best possible chances.

        Wintersday Quests
    Santa and his little helpers showed up all around midgard awaiting your help in exchange for headgears and consumable gifts.
    For more details visit our annual Wintersday page.

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    Shadow's Eve

    It's time to gather for mischief and mayhem during this year's Shadow's Eve!
    Our anual events have returned and shines with new rewards for you to unlock.
        Spooky Machine
    The Spooky Machine can be found in front of the Adventure Guild.
    Interact with the machine to recieve a Cracked Buckler shield. Equip the shield and interact with it once more.

    It will attempt to upgrade your Cracked Buckler as high as it possibly can until it breaks.
    Depending on which upgrade level the item breaks, you will get a prize in return! If the buckler is upgraded to +10 or higher you'll get a Shadow's Eve Egg which includes a mystery costume and a chance for more!
    This event can be played once per day.
        Spooky Cash Shop

    Unlock brand new costumes that have been packed into the updated Shadow's Eve Egg!
    We've also added annual wing costumes that fit the theme. Go grab them while they're still available!
    Our pet costume roaster has also recieved new additions and is now featuring a total of 8 cute costume pets.
        Scatleton & Skelion Cute Pet
    There's a small chance to get one exclusive Pet ( Scatleton or  Skelion Pet) randomly out of a Shadow's Eve Egg.
    Their favorite food Fresh Fish and Yummy Meat can both be purchased with regular zeny in Althea's pet shop throughout the year.


        Shadow Quests
    When the leaves start falling, our annual Event has started, including all of our previous Halloween Event quests.
    You can repeat each one of them, even if you've finished them during the past years!

        Shadow's Eve Invasion
    Shadows are upon us! They've risen from the deepest darkness and are attacking Althea's citizens!
    The invasion takes place in Althea and has a bigger chance to trigger automatically (every hour) than our common invasions.

    Invasion takes place within the boundaries of the orange marked area.

    Take part in this years Shadow's Eve invasion led by Shadow's Kiel and get the chance to get your hands on a rare Halloween Coin dropped by the special Ghostring only!
    Make sure you activate the command @aloot item 6658 before participating in the invasion.

    Our Event Staff Laura will exchange each Halloween Coin for a Shadow's Eve Egg!

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